six tips to find the internship right for you

Being in college means your life revolves around your studies, social life, and future. It’s a lot to handle at once and the pressure of what comes next seems almost impossible to deal with. Whether you 100% know what you want post graduation or you have absolutely no clue what comes next, an internship is a great way to help you get to the next part of your life. 

For my major I need to have an internship for course credit in order to graduate. This brought me to max stress level. Finding a perfect fit seemed almost impossible and with the pandemic it has made finding a job or internship even more difficult. After a mini freak out I knew I had to get it together and just start. There was no point in panicking trying to find the perfect role when I knew it would be so hard to find. I was willing to settle, but luckily found my perfect match with Promly. Here are some tips to help you reduce that internship search stress and find your match. 

  1. Work on that resume! Your resume opens the door for opportunities. Every accomplishment, no matter how big or small, needs to be seen by them! The design should reflect you and your personality needs to shine through. I used Canva to make mine and edited it to my preferences. With that I used the same colors and fonts to make every cover letter too. Use Google to get ideas and ask to see your close friends resumes to get ideas. 
  2. Search, search, search! This is the hard part. LinkedIn is a great place to start searching for possible opportunities. Follow companies you are interested in and set your search preferences to what you need. Apply for every role you like, even if you don’t think you have a good chance. You never know what will come your way. 
  3. Networking will work wonders for you! Connecting with others on social media has been a life saver for my professional life. My friends have helped me get jobs, Facebook groups have led me to meet people who have provided opportunities, and even school clubs have helped guide me to the right people. Use your network and post on all of your platforms that you are looking for an internship. You never know who might be able to get you connected to the right role. 
  4. Hype yourself up! Interviews can be challenging, but it’s important to remember that you are pitching yourself to the company. Share every accomplishment, hope and dream! They are there to help you and you just have to tell them what you are capable of. 
  5. Remember, as much as you are pitching yourself they are also pitching their company to you! You can go on and on about yourself, but the pressure isn’t entirely on you. Prepare for your interview and get a list of questions ready to go. Don’t feel intimidated, you have to make sure this role will work for you. Ask everything you want to know and don’t hold back. 
  6. Go for it. Apply to every dream role and keep applying. Put your resume everywhere. Don’t be scared or intimidated, there’s no reason to fear! Nothing is getting in the way of your dreams except you. The worst that can happen is you get ghosted from a company. If that happens it simply means it’s not meant for you at this moment. 

Keep going and don’t lose hope. Every rejection gets you closer to where you are meant to be. An internship is meant for you to learn and see if you like the company and position. It is not meant to leave you feeling defeated or lost. Every outcome, whether negative or positive, happened for a reason and should be appreciated. You are the star of your own show; act like it!