get rid of the loneliness

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, this means it will be a couple galore soon. With that, also comes single people hating everyone and everything because they’re alone. Often times loneliness is advertised around Valentines Day, but it’s also very apart of mental illness. Feeling alone is one of the worst feelings there is, so here’s a little list to help you deal with it on V-day or any other day. 

  • Call a friend- Whether it’s a holiday or not, a friend is sure to be there for you. That’s the best thing about friendship, you get to choose who to be around. It’s the family you pick and that means you also get to pick when and where you see them. One text is all it takes to let your friend know that you need them. 
  • Binge TV show- So sometimes literally every person is busy. That is completely okay though because you have Netflix. If you really want some Friends then feel free to buy the entire set on Amazon because it won’t be back online until HBO releases it. Besides that there are so many other shows to get you laughing. I advise to stay away from sad movies, but if you need a good cry then totally go for it. Here’s a big list of sad movies just in case. 
  • Set up a playlist- All you need is a couple of songs and some dance moves. Spotify has some great options, so does Apple music. When I get a little lonely sometimes I go on YouTube and watch music videos. Taylor Swift has some good ones and so does The Ellen Show if you’re not in the mood for music. 
  • Write- one of my favorites. You can read about why I blog, but the reason I write is a bit more complicated. Sometimes it just gets words onto paper, but other times it’s to clear some space out of my head. You can get so overwhelmed with the words and thoughts swirling around, so you have to empty some of it out. Write it all down. You can rip up the paper after, keep it in a diary, or send it to a friend. Just writing a bit can make you feel less alone and more in touch with everything going on around you.
  • Create a to-do list- it’s time to get busy! One of the best ways to get out of your head is to focus on other things. All of the above tasks divert your focus to something else, so let’s make that time productive. Make a to-do list with work, chores, hobbies, self care items, etc. to fill up your day. Anything that you’ve been wanting to get done should be on that list. It’ll be a useful distraction that will end with you feeling better and relieved to be finished with all of your to-do’s!
  • Leave the house- whether you are in your house, dorm, or work you need to get out of there. It does no good to stay stuck between four walls and be sad. Get up, get dressed, get your keys and hop in the car. Maybe you know of a place to go. You can shop, work at Starbucks, visit a place to eat, or anything really. If you have no ideas then just drive. Drive around and listen to music or a podcast. Explore your town, see how far you can get. Maybe you’ll find something you’ve never seen before, either way it will get you some fresh air and out of your head.

Being alone sucks. There’s nothing to sugar coat that, but adding in wine and tears makes it worse. The sooner you realize you are who you are and you don’t need anyone else, the sooner you’ll be happy. Don’t sit around and feel sad, you have shit to do girl! Even if you have all of the friends, a boyfriend, great family, etc. and you still feel alone it’s a feeling you just have to move forward from. It’s one of the things I hate most about my mental illnesses. I hate feeling alone. It can be disheartening, but there’s no time to hang around and pout about it (even if I really, really want to sometimes.) 

Time cannot be wasted on bullshit. I probably shouldn’t curse on my blog, but there’s really no other way for me to say it. There’s a limited amount of time and to spend it being sad is just no good.