the best things about college

College, a world filled with self discovery, school work, frat parties and a whole lot of stress. A diverse world where everyone finds their place. You have business majors, art majors, philosophy majors, computer science majors, writing majors, and so much more. All stereotypes are destroyed in this wonderful world and everyone is who they want to be. With that comes freedom, you can be anything and do whatever you want with the thought of all the debt your acquiring in the back of your mind. It is simply amazing. 

So as I finish up my third week of the semester I thought I’d put together a little list of everything I love about this place. A list of the best things in college.

  • Eating fluffer nutters every day. I know I shouldn’t, but my daily peanut butter and fluff sandwich get me through Spanish class every day. The best part is I get to make mine with extra fluff now! Sorry, mama!
  • Doing my laundry- No longer do I “lose” my shirts and “find” them in my sister’s room. I do my laundry and never seem to lose a thing. How amazing is that?
  • Knowing every day I am working towards something- In high school, I knew I had goals, but now I get to work towards them. It’s more realistic. I get to go to writing classes and improve daily rather than sitting in a math class I already know I’d fail. 
  • Taking naps- I’m up early, in bed late and have a lot of time during the day for small naps. It’s the best. 
  • Being able to write- I am taking three writing classes, joining HerCampus at JMU, posting on my blog two or three times a week, and writing articles for various other blogs. I am a writing machine and it is simply amazing that I get to do this. I never had time for this in high school. I am so grateful I get to do this now. 
  • Starbucks all day everyday- In between classes I get to enjoy a nice venti before my next class. Having one on campus makes this whole college thing a whole lot better (thanks for letting me cut you in line today Ashley!!) 
  • The library- Hey, don’t laugh at me. I am a sucker for the library and would probably live there if they let me. Lucky for me, JMU has two! I get my pick between Carrier and Rose. Both are wonderful in their own ways and a staple in my college career.
  • Relationships- I don’t mean the lovey dovey stuff (although my boyfriend is one of my favorite things about JMU!) I mean the relationships I have built with friends, professors and new networks. We help one another and build each other up which is very rewarding.
  • Living with my friends- I get to wake up and spend everyday with my best friends. While I do miss my family, for some reason doing dishes with friends is just a little more enjoyable  No one yells at me for putting them in wrong now!
  • The independence- I have a lot of freedom at home and am usually very independent. When I’m away at school I am just all on my own and I like it that way. I can run to Walmart and not have to tell anyone where I’m going. It might sound weird, but I get to just do my own thing. My mom may still track me, but at least I can go to McDonalds without telling her!

Now, I’m only beginning my sophomore year so I know that things will start to get worse as I actually become an adult. Until then I am going to eat my fluffer nutters in peace and drink $5 Starbucks refreshers until I run out of money!