don’t trust your gut all the time

“Always trust your gut, it knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet”

Now I love all and every quote I come across, except this one. I think it’s bad advice. Almost every person will deal with anxiety at one point in their life. This causes your gut to go a little haywire. Things that are okay don’t always seem to be okay.
One of my classes is in a smaller auditorium, about 100 people. So it’s 9 am, I am sitting in class when suddenly I feel the need to get the hell out of there. What would make me feel that way? I am surrounded by other sleepy students, my professors are teaching away about one of my favorite subjects and I can’t focus. I sweat, my heart is racing and my gut is telling me to run and never look back.
Sometimes certain lights can cause me to panic, I can’t stand the harsh white lights. Sometimes too many people in the room can trigger panic. Other times my body just loses its shit. I can’t explain the feeling other than I stop feeling safe. My head starts to be on a constant swivel looking at my surroundings, I become terrified of the unknown.
I’ve learned to not use my gut, but to use my head. The chances of someone coming to hurt me are slim. I use self talk to calm myself down and I take out a pen and paper. I write “I am okay” and I repeat the words in my head until it cancels out everything around me.
If I left the class every time I felt that feeling I don’t think I would be enrolled anymore. I have to use my head and trust my self-talk.
If you struggle with anxiety I recommend doing the same. It can be a life-changer to help stay in class, lay in bed and function normally.