vision board party- B302 style

Last year I was a freshman in college and quite interested in everything college had to offer. I made friends very quickly, started to go out, and enjoyed having so much free time. This caused me to have difficulty getting into the school mindset for a couple of weeks. That could not happen this year because this semester all of my classes are for my major instead of gen eds. I need to be focused, determined and able to work every day with no distractions. So I decided to host a vision board party.

Now, what is a vision board you ask? Well, it is a board (duh) of everything you like. Similar to a mood board, you collect things that remind you of your goals and activities you would like to do. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can start with a corkboard, print out things and pin it. You could get a 50 cent board from the dollar store, get magazines and go to craft town galore with stickers and glitter glue. Or you can do whatever you want. This board is supposed to be hung up and served as a reminder to work hard and keep going.

I invited over a couple of my roommates from last year (B302 forever!!) and we got to crafting. We cut up pieces of poster board and wrote our goals and ambitions for the school year. It took less than an hour and was so much fun.

We ate cookies, pizza, and drank lemonade. We bounced ideas off each other and went a little crazy with glitter glue. It was fun to reconnect after a long summer and talk heart to heart on what we want to improve about ourselves. Some were funny like Mo wanting a boyfriend and others were serious like Skylar wanting to attend church more. We all vowed to get better grades and start the year off stronger than we did freshman year.

Overall it was a great way to talk and hang out with the girls. Each one of us has our little board up in our room and are reminded daily of our goals. I highly recommend doing your own and having fun with it. You don’t have to wait until next year you can do it any time for any reason. Maybe your birthday you have goals for the year, or Christmas break and the new semester. There doesn’t have to be a reason to have goals and connect with your girls. Go create some memories and work hard. You got this!