fear can take your success away

I am fascinated with success. I love to read stories of people that built themselves up from nothing; the stories that instill this sense of faith that you can do anything. So I began to think, why do people end up not being successful? There are the obvious reasons like drinking too much, partying too much and not managing money properly. What happens if you do everything right, then what? 

So I came across this article from Huffpost that is quite a good read. The number one reason they claimed why people failed was due to fear. People are scared of so many different things. You and I both can think of a couple things to be scared about right now. But, why do we let that control us?

You shouldn’t. Not only because it hinders your success, but also because of the “what if” factor. Before a big decision rate on a scale of 1-10 how much you’ll think “what if?” if you don’t do it. I say anything a 3 or higher you go for. You shouldn’t have more than a 20% chance of regretting it. 

The worse case scenario is that you walk away learning something. With that you still gained knowledge which is an amazing thing. Learn, adjust and adapt then try again. There is a reason for everything, so don’t waste that. Take advantage of the opportunities.