artists moving mountains- Sarita

Lines aren’t only used in your geometry class. They can come together to form pieces of art. That is exactly what artist, Sarita, from Spain does.

Her practice is FLAWLESS

Sarita is a 20-year-old architecture student who has recently picked up line art while drawing in one of her classes. She uses it as a form of expression to jot down what she sees. It isn’t rare for her to be looking out at the sea (where she gets to live by and see EVERY DAY) and suddenly have an idea for a new piece of work. She simply writes it down, develops it and translates it through her flow.

That’s the key. Letting it all flow and the freedom that allows it to become anything. Her art contains movement and you can see how she gets inspired by the nature around her. She puts motion onto paper and focuses on every little detail which makes the work of art breathtaking. It’s the little details that come together to show what she is taking from her surroundings.

“the Earth without art would just be Eh”

Sarita, like anyone else she first struggled with her self expression. By following other art accounts and beginning to journal and let loose she found her way. She “moved her mountain” by fighting through the struggles and figuring out what made her feel confident and happy.

Looking at the art I know it would look amazing anywhere. Hanging in my room, a sticker on my laptop, or a t-shirt on me! That is exactly what she plans to do soon. The goal is to create an online shop to sell her artwork on t-shirts to share with the world. Go check out her Instagram @sarita_journal and follow to stay updated on when she achieves it. I know you’ll find her art as amazing as I did.

Update- February 24th

Recently, Sarita began to sell her work. Her dream became a reality and everyone gets the chance to own something so amazing. I purchased a mountains piece and am blown away. It has been so cool to see how she has grown as an artist and how far she has already come.