it was the sunshine

Today I was rowing in my second ever regatta and let me tell ya, we didn’t do so hot. We did our best and we improved drastically from the last time we had raced, but we didn’t win. Now I always have the biggest issue with losing- I just don’t like to lose. I work insanely hard so I win and that is harder to do with a team. Everyone worked hard today and I was proud, but I couldn’t shake off the loss.

The beautiful river I get to row on.

Naturally, I sat down and started to over analyze how we had performed, what I can do to better help my team and just how bummed out I was. Then I noticed the sunshine. It was beautiful out; sunny, 70 degrees and we were right next to a gorgeous lake. I laid down and took in the sun and my disappointment was almost instantly healed. It was wonderful to just be wrapped up in the sun’s warmth and allow it to soothe me and my worries.

This happens a lot to me. I get so worked up over things so easily and I somehow, unknowingly allow nature to heal me. I am able to completely let all my worries be melted away with the sun rays. The next time things just seem too much, go outside.

Take a hike. Drive to the beach, even if it is freezing out. Go for a drive down some back roads. Allow yourself to just enjoy where you are. It’s incredible what can happen when you escape to nature.