this is why you need to diversify who you follow

Before we get started with this article I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the events occurring in the world right now. Countries all over the world are fighting a war against racism, this past week we have seen all 50 states and 18 countries protest. Social media feeds are filled with petitions to sign, organizations to donate to, and helpful information on ways to educate. The subject is heavy and combined with the pandemic it is normal to be struggling with your mental health right now. There are resources available such as Therapy for Black GirlsBEAMMental Health America, and Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Things are changing and we are able to make that happen.

We must come together to end racism and connect as a community. Aside from reading articles, watching documentaries, and signing petitions, I am also actively looking to diversify my social media feed. As a blogger, I interact daily with everyone I follow and support them as best as I can. I realized my feed was not diverse enough, so I decided to change that. 

It is important to have a feed with many different kinds of people for several reasons. The most important reason is to expand your thinking and how you understand the world. Each person grows with different experiences. My goal isn’t to try to understand because I know that is not possible, instead I will learn and support in every way I can. Racism has no place in my community, this country, or the world. Accept one another and embrace relationships. 

We are all human.

There is no way to create change unless we expose ourselves to it. We are all lucky to be living in the age of social media. We learn about ourselves and the world, we see the content we wouldn’t normally see if we relied on the news, and we are exposed to others outside of our little hometowns. Having Instagram is a great tool to diversify your outlook on the world, but it is only helpful if you do it. 

Go beyond whom you know and connect with others you don’t. Below is a list I came up with of black content creators. Tyra, a friend of mine I met through HerCampus, posted a number of her favorite creatives. You can see her full post here! A couple are included in the list below, but be sure to check out her post for more suggestions. 

Black creators to follow and support- 








@hellohawwaa  @shopb_c







If you or someone you know want to be on this list please reach out so I can add you! 

Seriously, check out all of them. 

We cannot stop talking about inequality in America. We need to keep educating ourselves, staying up to date with the news, and fighting for an equal America. This is not a trend. This is a chance to learn from the past and change the future.