five yoga poses I did today

Hi all! Lately, I’ve posted a bunch about yoga so I thought I’d show you a couple of yoga poses I did today. Bare with me as I learn! 

Yoga has been a great way to feel confident in my body and relieve stress. I have always had a love-hate relationship with my body and the quarantine has amplified it a bit. Not being able to walk around campus or leave the house often has me feeling a bit down. Today I decided enough was enough, got my mat and decided to do a quick routine in between work calls. 

Stress is often carried within the body. This goes for everyone and the place can change between each person. My shoulders and back hold most of my stress physically. They’re usually tensed up and end the day aching. Due to my back being tenser I tend to focus on that area during yoga. This is a quick look at what I accomplished today. 

I first start with a little warm-up. Shake my muscles up and get my body moving. I literally shake my arms and legs to get the blood flowing and to relax. Simple stretches like the butterfly and reaching for my toes gets me in the right mindset. Notice I said reaching for my toes, that is because I cannot touch them yet! Told ya I was a total yoga newbie. 

Child’s pose is my favorite and I talk about it a bit more here. It stretches the part of my shoulder that tends to bother me the most. Along with the great stretch, it also is a good one to practice breathing before continuing. There are videos online that can help guide your breathing, but I use the 4×4 technique. Inhale for four seconds, hold for four seconds, exhale for four seconds and hold for four seconds. Repeating that throughout helps me maintain a sense of calm. 

Downward dog is helpful for movement and transitions. Staying in downward dog, breathing and bending my legs back and forth is helpful to me. It’s pretty known to everyone whether they practice or not. You can click here to see what it looks like.

Warrior 1 is helpful for when I’m feeling a bit down. It’s a nice easy stretch. With my back forward and straight it gives me a bit of a confidence boost. The pose itself has a pretty cool name, so that combined with the confident pose makes it a go-to for me. You can see what it looks like here. 

Warrior 2 is another variation of the warrior pose series. I believe there are three total, but the second one is my favorite. It’s a good strength builder and empowers. During the pose and after I finish I feel like I am improving. That feeling is helpful, especially during the quarantine. You can see how to do the pose here. 

Cobra opens up my chest for breathing and bends my back at the same time. Aside from the cool name, it is a common pose to carry out during routines. I prefer this one because it is easy to do, I can close my eyes while practicing 4×4 breathing, and I feel it in my back. You can see how to do it here. 

Those are the five poses I focused on today. This upcoming week I plan on trying more difficult routines to expand my knowledge. With time I hope to become confident enough to take photos while I carry out positions for you all to see. Until then. I hope the links can give a good explanation of how to practice. Stay strong and take care of your body today.