six ways to take care of your body during quarantine

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Quarantine means staying home 24/7 unless it’s essential. All-day every day we are in the house trying to keep ourselves busy. This has been making me feel a bit yucky lately so I came up with a couple of ideas to keep me feeling happy about my body. When I’m happy about my body my mental health is a bit better. Here are seven things to do that can promote body positivity and have you feeling good even if you can’t leave the house. 

  • Eat the option that makes you feel good. This means if you want the cupcake then eat the damn cupcake. This is your time to experiment with new recipes and see what you like. So far I’ve made cupcakes, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. Remember to write down each recipe you make and want to keep for the future! Write it down to keep in your recipe box or this cute recipe book that’s not even eight dollars
  • Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. If you feel better all dressed up then do it! It’s all optional: makeup, jeans, sweatpants, dyed hair, cute nails, etc. Anything that makes you feel put together or happy is the best thing to wear. I have been living in sweatpants and leggings lately and it has been fabulous. You can also redo your wardrobe or add to it. This is a cheap sweatshirt that you can cut into a crop top, tie-dye with bleach, or put patches on. You do you!
  • Stay active by doing something you enjoy. A dance party in your kitchen while you bake cookies and listen to 2010 top hits is totally a valid option. Online exercise classes are available. Adriene is my favorite yoga YouTuber and you can watch her here. Ride a bike, go for a walk, or plank during TV commercials. Here’s a yoga mat for $10 where you’ll be able to practice yoga and other forms of exercise. I’ve seen people take them and paint them, so if you’re looking for a creative outlet try that! These leggings are five stars and less than $20, whether you’re taking a walk or lounging around they will make it all more comfortable. 
  • Remove accounts that make you feel bad. Chances are when you read that sentence you thought about someone who you don’t like seeing in your feed. Whether they’ve harmed your mental health or you get jealous then they need to be removed or muted. I made a worksheet with all positivity accounts to follow on Instagram and Twitter. It can be so helpful and make you feel confident in your own body. This quarantine is a great opportunity to go through every account and eliminate any and every negative account.
  • Practice healthy hygiene. Take a shower, brush your teeth and take care of yourself. If I had to prioritize ways to take care of yourself during quarantine this would be number one. Feeling put together and clean can make a huge difference. The basics are the best to get back to feeling like yourself again. 
  • Meditate and practice breathing. The yoga instructor that I introduced earlier in the post also has a video dedicated to meditation, you can watch it here. It can clear the mind and reduce anxiety. Relaxing the body can relieve tension from areas where you keep your stress stored physically. This can help sleep better and overall make the days calmer for you. I have these affirmation cards that are helpful to read and repeat during breathing or meditation.

These times can be difficult and whatever you are feeling is valid. Whether your day is filled with tasks or filled with Netflix remember both options are 100% okay. Sometimes relaxing and taking care of yourself can be the most productive thing to do. I am here for you and can support you in any capacity you made need. Reach out if you are struggling or need a friend to listen. You are doing amazing during this weird quarantine lifestyle change!