happy one year to my blog!

Happy one year to my blog! 

Today is the one-year blogiversary for She’s Moving Mountains. It has been the best year.

A year ago today I sat down in Rose library after meeting with a class adviser. He told me if I wanted to go anywhere I had to start something. Straight to the library I went and sat down in a chair closest to the window so I was surrounded by light. The only thing I knew how to do was write a decent 500-word piece, good enough right? 

So, I chose a name, She’s Moving Mountains. Why? Well, first I was surrounded by the mountains at school. I felt as if I had done the impossible and made it to JMU. When I first applied I was waitlisted and devastated although I never admitted to that. There was no other place that felt like home and walking through the quad made me feel peaceful. When I got accepted I knew at that moment that my hard work had paid off. Those years of never wanting to leave my bed with JMU being my only motivation to get stuff done, it was all worth something. 

I had the name and no money so I chose the free version of WordPress. After that, all I had to do was write. Six hours a day for a week straight I went to that same spot in the library and worked on my blog. After a couple of months someone reached out to design it for free and that’s when I took the leap to go self-hosted. I was committed to this.

I was in a bad spot when I first started this blog. My mental health wasn’t good and it felt as if I was never going to feel okay again. I was stuck. Then I decided to write about that. It was the first time I had opened up about my mental health and I was terrified. Sure no one read my blog, but what if someone did and decided that I was crazy? It turns out that sharing stories about my mental health was the best choice I made for this blog. 

People connected with my posts and that’s when I became a mental health blogger. Sharing my story was difficult, but has made such a difference in my life. Before this, I never felt as if I belonged anywhere. I tried hard to find my place, but nothing ever felt right. This blog has given me a place in this world and a reason. The community I’ve found welcomed me with open arms and we share the same struggles. 

This is my place, my home. My blog is a part of who I am and is the first thing I talk about with anyone I meet. Thank you for the support this past year. Every person who has read, followed, liked, commented or reached out has kept me motivated to keep going. What started as a place for just me to read my written thoughts now is somewhere people can come for advice and stories. 

I appreciate every single one of you and cannot wait to see what this next year brings. As we continue this journey I have decided to expand She’s Moving Mountains. You can now take SMM on the go by listening to my podcast. I am on Spotify right now, but hoping to be on Apple podcasts soon! 

Not only will I be starting a podcast, but am also in the works of creating videos for the YouTube channel. There will be an announcement when that goes live. In the meantime feel free to join the brand new Facebook group, She’s Moving Mountains for her mental health

Thank you for being the best!! Happy one year to She’s Moving Mountains!