5 stress-relieving activities to do in your living room

Everyone is self-isolating and in quarantine. If you’re not, well you should be. A couple of days ago my college announced that we will not be attending classes until this Fall. COVID 19 has made schools shut down, festivals cancel, Broadway shows end, and supermarkets look as if the world is ending. I went into more detail in another post here. Society has truly gone a bit crazy and everyone needs to practice social distancing. All of that is causing a lot of stress for everyone.

Staying home can be hard for some people, for others, it’s a dream come true. There has to be an effort made to maintain wellness, do some self-care, and make sure work is still getting done. This is also a great time to relax and watch shows or read books you’ve been meaning to get to. Can’t think of anything to do? Then these five things should change that.

  1. Practice yoga. I wrote a bit about yoga here, but I am continuing to learn about it. My yoga class was cut short- what was supposed to be a semester-long was only two months. Because of this, I am going to watch how-to videos on YouTube, like this one here, and try to write about them! If you know more than please share your knowledge! If not we can learn together in quarantine. 
  2. Start a blog about your favorite thing. You already know what a blog looks like because you’re reading one right now! Your blog can be whatever you want it to be, it can even be a thing during self-isolation and then once all of this goes away you can delete it! Whatever you want it to be like I recommend using WordPress and am more than happy to give you tips. If you need any help dm me on Instagram!
  3. Create a mini work-out routine. The gyms are closed unfortunately and you aren’t walking around work. Being stuck at home with what I assume is a stocked kitchen since the grocery stores are empty. That leads to bored eating and unhealthy habits. Let’s beat that before it starts and create an easy workout routine. This can also relieve stress that you keep in your body, for me it’s in my shoulders! Keep your body moving and your brain happy. 
  4. Host a virtual movie marathon. This isn’t as hard as it may seem. You need a TV, a laptop, and friends that are also social distancing. You may want to have candy, popcorn, a blanket fort with string lights, and soda. Download Zoom and get your best friends on video chat. Pick a movie and there you have it- a virtual movie marathon with your besties.
  5. Work on a piece of art. Art is everything and can be very helpful in relieving stress. Art can be anything: writing, drawing, graphic design, jokes, etc. Grab a canvas and paints, put some newspaper down and get to creating! Your laptop is great for writing and creating graphics too. YouTube is a great resource to learn ANYTHING. Hand lettering videos, watercolor, oils, etc. There are even videos on how to create candles! Go and create. 

We are for sure in a stressful situation. Everyone should be staying indoors and take time for self-care. Relax, get some stuff done, get in touch with people you haven’t heard from, and try not to worry. That being said, anxiety is hard to control so do little things to help. We are in this together, not just America, but the whole world.