stuck in the fog

A couple of weeks ago I was driving and in an instant, I was surrounded by fog. There was no indication that I would be met with fog on my drive so I was surprised. I adjusted my headlights, my speed, and turned the music down a little. I put my focus on the road in front of me and continued on with my drive. Everything was perfectly fine, but then it began to get thicker and hard to see past. I hate not knowing what is going on around me so at this point I started to get a little nervous.
I continued to drive and at one point could hardly see past the haze. My hazards were blinking and I slowed down to half of the speed limit. The car was silent because I had to turn the music off to ease my anxiety.
Nothing about this drive really stuck in my head. I arrived back home, got out and just went inside. Everything was fine and I had soon forgotten about it. Then, last week I began to feel overwhelmed and it slowly felt as if I couldn’t see.
Instead of having the fog surrounding me it was instead inside of my head. This may sound weird to some, but to others who are more visual, this will certainly be relatable. This thick cloud slowly seemed to take over my brain. It was fine at first, I just adjusted and continued on, but it became difficult to see.
This is what I’ve been using to describe my burnout. The lack of creativity and drive has definitely taken its toll on me. It’s a fog that I can’t see through or get rid of. It takes it’s time and leaves when it is ready to. I can’t control that fog in my head, no matter how hard I try. A blank screen stays blank or gets a sentence or two that’s pretty bad.
Right now I am trying so hard to power through it, but I know even this piece won’t be something I’m proud of. Obviously, not every piece will be my favorite, but I like to publish posts that I think are well written and helpful. This doesn’t hit either of those boxes.
Even though I am extremely frustrated I keep telling myself that it happens. Every person has that fog roll in sometimes and you just have to take care of yourself and keep going. If you’re experiencing this fog then know it’ll go away soon. Your focus will come back and the creativity will happen again. The only thing you can do is to eat healthily, sleep well, and continue to try your hardest. That’s all I’m doing.