8 DIY v-day gifts

Christmas just passed and if you’re anything like me that means you’re broke. Unfortunately, my boyfriend’s birthday is in October and Christmas follows shortly after and now it’s almost Valentine’s Day. What is a girl to do? I’m getting a little creative this holiday and trying to stick to a budget even if it is a little difficult. I tend to just buy everything I see that I think he’ll like. So, he’ll be getting a little DIY gift and something else bought from the store. If you can look on Etsy and buy from a small business. They have so many cute and meaningful gifts. Plus, you’re supporting someone to help pay their bills (or student loans!) Here are some cheap gift options to make Valentine’s Day special this year. 

  1. Create a music playlist. You could go old school and record it on a CD or even a cassette tape. Add songs that make you think of him, songs that define your relationship, and if you really want to make it interested add songs in a certain order so all of the first letters of the name spell out something. It’s easy and you can make a cute little note card telling him the playlist name and your Spotify ID. It’ll be easy to find and he can listen to it anywhere he goes. 
  2. Write a poem. There are five love languages and one is words of affirmation. If your boyfriend loves to hear compliments then this is a perfect gift idea. Tell him everything you feel and love about him! This will be an amazing gift he’ll be guaranteed to keep for years. 
  3. Plan a dinner date. Another love language is quality time. It takes about $3 to make a spaghetti dinner. Add some candles from the dollar store, dress up in your favorite dress, and enjoy a date night. Board games or a movie is great to do after. Some quality time will be much appreciated, especially if you both have busy schedules. A cheap date for under $10 that can make your boy smile!
  4. Bake some sugar cookies. It takes a quick mix you can pick up at the store! Buy some sprinkles and cut the cookies into hearts. If you want to get super extra with it write out different things you love about him on the cookies. 
  5. Design a card. If you’re the artistic type it’s time to get creative. Can’t think of an idea? Google some popular card and match it with a cheesy quote. If he has a favorite TV show, movie, or even a song you can match the card to his interests. It’s a fun way and he’ll definitely appreciate all the time you put into making it. 
  6. Make a collage. Put together some old movie stubs, concert tickets, sports game tickets, and pictures. Anything that has memories during your relationship. You can buy a frame, put glitter, or anything else decorative and include a picture of you both. It’ll be cute to place in his room and he’ll smile every time he passes by it. 
  7. Paint a canvas or piece of wood with a quote. Hobby Lobby always has coupons and it can be below $6. A special quote that’s important for you both, song lyrics to your song, or even your initials. Even if you’re not the most artistic there are printable outlines you can cut out to make sure your work of art looks professional! Make it simple and sweet. Perfect to hang up in any part of the house. 
  8. Give a jar full of kisses. A basic mason jar with a little note saying “a kiss for when I’m not here.” Fill it with hershey kisses. If he has a sweet tooth this is a must do. It’s thoughtful and will have him thinking of you even when you aren’t there!

Valentine’s day is a day to show your significant other how much you care. They don’t need an extravagant gift to know you love them (or like them.) Save the money to plan a trip or another event later on. Quality time is one of the best gifts you can give. If you can only spare a dollar buy a banana and tell him you’re “bananas” for him! 🙂