Wild Honey Art by Marie

Everyone has different goals, aspirations, and have their eyes on the prize. Following dreams can be pretty scary and risky. Sometimes people even let those fears get in the way, but not Alyssa. January 1st of this year was her first day completely self employed; talk about the start of a new year!

She first started doing graphic design a year and a half ago, but creating art pieces her entire life. With an ongoing love for creativity it was just a matter of time until she decided to run her own business. 

Alyssa had been searching for a more suitable job that would allow her to show her creative side, but many of them require prior experience. She is self taught so didn’t quite have the experience employers wanted. After a lot of thinking she decided to go off on her own with the support of her family and boyfriend. It was a now or never moment. 

She starts her day with the most detailed work. She has an office in her apartment set aside to set up work, but prefers comfier places like the couch. Creating in comfort is so much better! 

I fell in love with her art as soon as I saw her Instagram page. I have been wanting an illustration so badly for awhile and Alyssa made it happen. It is perfect in every way and the best part is that she is completely self taught. She doesn’t miss a detail. One of my personal favorites is a newer one she posted. It’s the back of jean shorts, she can make any image come to life in the most creative way.

By buying from Alyssa, you are supporting the dream of a small business owner. She took the leap to support herself by doing something she loves. Her portraits start at $25 and are worth every penny. Each is unique and she’s sure to make your ideal product come true! 

Follow her on social media; she has some big plans coming in 2020!

You can contact her on Etsy and via Instagram! Turn around time is 3-4 days so you’ll get it very quickly. They make for perfect gifts!!

Instagram : @wild.honey.art 

Etsy: WildHoneyArtbyMarie