i started this year in a low

The New Year is a time to start fresh and set goals for yourself. It’s supposed to motivate you to be better. I even wrote a post on New Year resolutions that don’t suck. The truth is that I really dreaded 2020. I had been in a mental health “funk” and just didn’t have the motivation for any of it. 

That sounds so bad, like I had given up. When going through lows (what I call my little depression episode that usually lasts a week) everything becomes too much. The resolutions overwhelmed me. I didn’t have the energy to try and be better. That feeling honestly sucks. I got out of that funk a couple days ago and I’m disappointed in myself. 

Creating goals is an amazing thing to do. The fact that I couldn’t pull myself together to create any just made me feel bad. How does someone improve without setting goals? Even if they take awhile to accomplish without them you lose motivation or don’t work towards anything. I can’t afford (literally and figuratively) spending anytime not working towards something. 

2020 really started a bit messy for myself. My emotions were all over the place and my poor boyfriend had to deal with me randomly crying for no reason. I didn’t leave the bed until 11am and I lost all creativity. Since I’m out of it and getting back to who I am I’ve decided to turn that negativity around. 

It is time to change my mindset. That low was my first one in a while which is really good. It means everything I’ve been doing is working for the most part. I can’t be upset when I get a little held back because I can’t help it. Some things aren’t preventable and I need to not feel guilty. In a way I have to “forgive” myself for having this issue even though I can’t help it. By eliminating guilt I will be able to move on from it and prevent another low from happening. The worse thing I can do is sit there and think about the “what if’s” and hoping for change. That fixes nothing, so since I’m able to get myself up and going that energy is best focused somewhere else. 

It is January 8th and here I am setting goals. Better late than never! I have goals to grow my blog, be accepted into my minor program, and focus more on my outfits. 

She’s Moving Mountains has so much potential and I have some big plans for it. If anyone has podcast tips or anything let me know. I would love to create a product to sell and create a little side income so I can turn all of that money around straight to the blog. It is so worth the investment. 

I have zero idea what I want to do career wise so I am minoring in entrepreneurship. Hopefully this will lead to creating my own business down the road, but I have a lot to learn before then. Getting into this program will be so amazing, but I have a lot to do before that can happen!

Focusing on my outfits may sound weird, but I believe in look good, feel good, do good. I think it would increase my confidence which would lead to me taking more chances. If that doesn’t happen then at least I will look more put together. I don’t wear makeup so it’s the least I can do! 

2020 is just another year, but it gives you a great excuse to change up your life. You can start any day, it doesn’t have to be January 1st. Start when you make the goal, whether it’s in May or December, it’s always a good time to work towards a goal. Let’s do this!