the best of 2019

In March of this year I decided to make a blog. It’s been fun and I have a lot planned for 2020. So as we end this year I decided to make a round up of the most popular posts. You’ve been amazing is keeping up with my content and I can’t wait to show you what new things She’s Moving Mountains has in store for 2020. 

  1. I’m not from a broken home
  2. 19 things I’ve done at 19
  3. Reminder to make a change 
  4. Strong as hell
  5. Let’s get social- VSCO
  6. You’re doing enough
  7. Artist feature- Jennifer Fletcher
  8. A short letter to someone who makes my day
  9. Yes I’m a writing major, no I won’t be poor
  10. Shop small this holiday season

It was so fun to catch up on the stats from this year and see what YOU enjoyed! If you ever have a request or suggestion just fill out the contact form. I’d love to ring in the new year with content that you want to see.