stop making resolutions that suck

Truth be told the endless resolutions of losing weight, starting a diet, or going to the gym every day suck. They all suck. They’re repeated year after year and are usually not that helpful since everyone loses motivation the middle of February. So, as a result of the sucky resolutions I came up with some that don’t suck. They’re actually helpful, can be super important, and improve your life. Let’s stop the annoying resolutions and do some that matter.

  • Become organized- Staying organized is key to being successful. There are a couple ways to do this. A planner or agenda are always helpful. Organizing your closet whichever way makes sense to you (I used to do it by color!) Setting a schedule for your day: wake up times, to do lists, etc. Get some baskets for your room, clean out the clutter, and get your living area looking put together. 
  • Learn to love your body- Instead of dieting try to eat healthier foods. Instead of working out every day just do it when you get the chance or go for a walk. Put positive notes next to your mirror and wear outfits you feel confident in. 
  • Write more- You may think this isn’t for you, but trust me, everyone could benefit from it. Write a daily journal. Write poems. Write an essay. Write about a bible verse you connect with. Write a love letter. Write anything. 
  • Go for a walk on every sunny day- Vitamin D is super amazing for helping depression. The sunshine makes you feel good. This also helps reduce stress by doing physical activity and gets you away from all the phone and computer screens. There is no negative effect by going for a walk on a sunny day!
  • Drink more water- Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water is essential for every human. This will have you feeling more energized and healthy. 
  • Buy new clothes- Look good, feel good, do good. Although the quote isn’t grammatically correct, it’s correct in every other way. Donate the clothes you no longer want and redesign your wardrobe so you feel good in what you wear. If you want to help the world then thrift a little too. Places like Goodwill and Salvation Army give back to the community which is always a good thing.
  • Cut down on plastic- The plastic in our oceans is gross. The plastic in our streets is gross too. Plastic doesn’t decompose so it just stays there and leaves everything looking dirty. Instead try to use reusable bags, metal straws, and look for products packaged in glass. Recycle when you can and make an effort to pick up litter. This will all help make the Earth a little greener. If you’re feeling extra helpful, plant a tree!
  • Look for a job- This is important for college students especially. There is always a new opportunity to take, but you can’t do that unless you apply. Look for jobs you want and apply to anything that interests you. I applied to Vogue and Chanel last week just for fun. You never know what you’ll get. Already have a job? Well if you aren’t happy then it is time to quit. Take chances and do what you want to do. It’s the year of you!
  • Begin a life you love- This goes with the one above, but stop doing the job you hate. Stop doing things you don’t want, unfollow the toxic people, wear what you want, travel where you want, and do what you want. Create a life you love. 
  • Take care of your hair- My hair is naturally wavy and frizzy. This usually leads to constant hot iron and split ends. Taking care of your hair is so amazing for your confidence. Get a haircut, dye your hair, buy a new shampoo, grow it out! The possibilities are endless. I’m trying to add more hair accessories like clips and scrunchies. 
  • Write more letters- Love this because everyone could use a letter. Write to a friend after they had a hard week. Write a letter to your loved one saying how awesome they are. Write a thank you note for EVERYTHING (huge advocate for the thank you notes!) Plus, who doesn’t love adorable stationary?
  • Show your loved ones you appreciate them more frequently- Everyone loves to feel important. Little things make a big impact. A simple chocolate bar and sticky note saying I love you costs less than a $1 and can make a person’s day. Send a meme, or a quote, basically anything to show a little love. 
  • Start therapy- You need therapy. I need therapy. Everyone needs therapy. Whether you have a mental illness, overwhelming stress, trauma, or just need someone to listen to you, therapy is amazing. It can help you in so many ways in becoming who you want to be or how you want to feel.
  • Let go of toxic people- That’s right, unfollow everyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. Also don’t worry about your follow to follower ratio. That’s just not necessary. 
  • Learn more about the world we live in- That can be so many different things. Become more attentive to politics. Learn a new language. Travel to different places. Become pen pals with someone in a different country. Apply to study abroad. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, food pantry, or hospital. 

Whatever it is that you want to change, stay true to who you are. 2020 is the year of new opportunities. The start of a decade.