just apply

It’s getting close to 2020 (I don’t even know how that’s possible) and we are about to start a new decade. With that new decade also comes many opportunities. So, let’s start applying to jobs, internships, and positions we want. 

First step is to update that resume. I used Canva to design mine. They have endless options and you can completely design it however you wish. Put your contact information on top, if you’re in college then your education should go before your work experience, and if you have a company or blog be sure to include your logo somewhere. It also helps to put a color scheme that will match your brand or your personality. Make it eye catching. 

Second step is to network. Truth is you should be networking every chance you get. You can never do too much of it. Updating your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts will help businesses know what you’re up to and that you are ready to take on more. You never know who can help you get your dream job!

Third step is to apply. Get your cover letter ready to customize for each job. You can go on any hiring site to look for a job that may interest you. If it seems unachievable still apply. Seriously, you never know what you may get. Plus it’s fun to apply to any company that may seem interesting to work at. I’ve applied to Vogue, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and so many other random places. 

Fourth step is to get your outfit ready. So you landed an interview and now it’s time to impress. Let’s get this outfit looking totally amazing. Find something that you feel comfortable in and shows who you are. If you’re working in the fashion industry look bold. If it’s an office job stick with the basics. Dress for the job to set a good example of who you are. Practice some interview questions and be sure to make yourself stick out. Get rid of the basic repetitive answers and put your own twist to them. 

Set yourself up for success. The most important thing you can do is make choices to be happy. You are in charge of your life, no one else. This means don’t stay at a job you can’t stand. You should be looking forward to going to work. You should do everything in your power to make decisions that will improve your life.

Need some resume inspo? Here’s mine. I used Canva, included my logo, and designed it with colors from my brand. I put my school at the top because I am a student first and contact info next to my name so they can get in touch. Since I don’t have much work experience that will contribute to the field I want to go in, I make sure to add detail to all of the positions I hold. Highlight the leadership roles, details on my writing positions, and use words that sound *smart*. My cover letter has the same colors and matches the theme I go for. I include my logo on my LinkedIn page too.