let your outfit show who you are

Some people love to shop, others not so much. Some like to go full force trendy every day with an outfit and others are fine with a t shirt and sweats. Whatever the case may be, your clothes are always important. Now, some of you may be rolling your eyes, but stick with me and I’ll explain. 

They’re a representation of who you are. I love self expression and think it’s so important, especially for young people trying to find themselves. I have tried so many different outfits just trying to see what I feel good in and what represents who I am. Even my leggings and sweatshirts seem to represent some part of me. I’m still trying to figure out who I am and what I like and I know every other college kid is too. 

Wearing an outfit that you feel confident in can bring you easy happiness.

Look good, feel good, do good.

That basic quote speaks the truth. The important part of this is to stay comfortable as well. Once I had an event I had to wear my suit (I love wearing my suit by the way, total power move) and the shoes I wore were uncomfortable. It ruined my whole day, I couldn’t really focus and I thought everyone could tell my shoes sucked. So, as long as you dress up in killer confidence clothes make sure you feel good in them too. 

The decades are defined by usually three things: music, national news, and fashion. One day they’ll look back at the 2010’s and remember all of the chevron dresses, statement necklaces, and Uggs worn. The 2000’s will be known for the sequins, plaid shorts, and faint traces of the 90’s grunge. By wearing different trends you help define the decade. How cool is that? 

The most important thing is that you feel confident in clothes that show who you are. Whether it’s a sweatshirt or suit, they can all be made to show whatever you want to be seen. A sweatshirt can be from your college, your favorite band or team, and even be your favorite color. Your suit can be a range of colors and the heels are endless. Statement jewelry or simple pearls define your boldness. A personal favorite are my sneakers. I have about six pairs of sneakers and they’re all gorgeous. Other times when I wear my bean boots I customize with boot socks. 

The possibilities are endless. Show the world who you are and own it!