five best moments of Taylor Swift

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is the best person ever and in honor of her birthday coming up (December 13th, 1989) I thought I’d gather up her best moments. I only included five because if I did all of them it would be too long for you all to read. So, these five were some of the times that made her who she was and amplified her career. I think I have cried every time when one of these moments happened (happy tears, sad tears, and angry tears.) #Swiftie4Life

  • When she took Kim Kardashian’s rude name calling and turned it into a tour. 
Image result for reputation tour snake

Ok, but, like, how? When people talk bad about me I cry, but not Taylor! This girl literally took the insult and went on to make HISTORY. It was released on my birthday in 2017 and went on to make 1.216 million copies in its first week of release. That number is just the American copies sold in one week. With Ed Sheeran and Future both being featured every person had something to love in the album. So, Taylor made millions off of being called a snake, I guess everyone learned their lesson!

Iconic. The only word to describe this is iconic. They both had a love for cats so it was only a matter of time before they got together to sing about it. I’m sure T swizzy’s cats know they don’t smell.

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T Swift with all her awards!
  • When she won artist of the decade.

Need I say more? Like, hello she won artist of the DECADE. That is a whole ten years Taylor has stayed in our hearts and produced the most developed music. She has won 29 AMA’s and took home one of the biggest awards ever. She wore her signature red lip and made sure it was a night to remember. 

  • When she went on Ellen and told everyone how Joe Jonas dumped her by a 25 second phone call. 

12 year old me had never hated anyone before, but Joe Jonas automatically earned the world title for worst boy ever. Taylor played it off, wrote Forever and Always, spilt a little tea while on The Ellen Show, and moved on with her life. Ever since that day I have maintained the saying “one day I will find someone so wonderful it won’t matter what anyone else did before.”  Truth be told, she is right. Don’t settle ladies!

  • Every hair style she has ever worn. 

Blonde, curly, straight, long, short, dyed, bangs, no bangs, etc. She has taken every haircut and made it look gorgeous. I don’t know how she does it, but whatever tip she has I am ready to hear it. Recently, she did a Rolling Stone cover shoot and rocked braids. It was flawless and totally made me try how to learn to braid my own hair. 

I’m pretty sure every moment of Taylor Swift’s life is the best moment. She just released a new Christmas song about growing up on a Christmas Tree farm and it’s pretty adorable. Speaking of Christmas, she also has some great merch online right now and is perfect for every Swiftie in your life.