helloooo finals week

Monday is the beginning of finals week, let’s start praying now. I’m not looking forward to this semester ending for a couple reasons. The first one being I don’t want my classes to end. They’re simply amazing. The second one is that with the end of fall semester that also means I’m halfway through my sophomore year. Cue the tears and tissues. No matter how badly I would like this semester to keep going I can’t ignore the fact that finals are here. With finals comes the greatest gift of all, overwhelming anxiety! Yay! 

We can’t get rid of that anxiety, but we can do some things to help ease it. Follow all (or even some) of these tips to help your body and mind for your finals. 

  • Eat healthy- this means lay off on all that Ramen. You have to fuel your body with good stuff to get good out. You’ll be spending a lot of time studying and the last thing you want to happen is to crash during your actual final. Instead of mac and cheese from a box try a salad with chicken. Apples with peanut butter. A quick granola bar. There are easy and healthy options available too!
  • Drink water- like every ten minutes. Okay, maybe not every ten minutes, but be sure to stay hydrated. It will help avoid those nasty headaches that always seem to happen when you’re in the library. Plus, all that Starbucks and Redbull needs to be evened out with something GOOD for your body. 
  • Shower daily- you look good you feel good! You don’t have to go crazy with the makeup or perfumes and lotions. Just keep up your hygiene, shower daily, and brush your teeth (especially you boys!!) I never knew how much boys actually avoid brushing their teeth until I got to college, so if you have a college boy please send toothpaste. 
  • Sleep 8 hours a night- nothing less! I already know I won’t be getting as much sleep as I normally do, but I am still trying to get seven to eight hours. Without sleep our bodies will shut down and your brain won’t function normally. Easy test questions can be easily missed. Just sleep a little, study a little, and breathe.
  • Reach out to your favorite people- friends or family! Just by reaching out and saying “hey you got this” or “I need some motivation” will create the types of conversation to set you up for success. You can’t be distracted and going out, but you can be asking for encouragement and giving encouragement. 

Finals suck. That’s all there is to it. Each class is different and each professor has different standards or expectations. Do your best, take care of yourself, and get through it because you are so, so close to winter break!! Study hard!