i’m not from a broken home.

If you Google the term broken home you’ll come up with a family that has divorced parents. So when the parents separate that seems to break the family. I think we can all agree that divorce is not the best-case scenario, even Papa Roach sang about it. I understand that it’s not ideal, that kids want their parents together and society sometimes can look down on divorced families (although I am completely dumbfounded on why.) What I have trouble understanding is the term “broken home.” 

I can assure you, my home is not broken. My home is very strong and supportive. I may have several houses I can go to, but that just means more rooms to decorate. How is that a bad thing? It gives me more freedom, I get to stay at any house whenever I feel like it and if my three houses don’t appeal to me, I get to go to my apartment. 

My “broken home” is stronger than some “normal” homes. I have constant love from those around me, even when I mess up. They encourage me and every day someone from one of those houses will text me how proud they are. Nothing about my family or life is broken, it’s chaotic maybe, but whose family isn’t? 

Different issues stem from different upbringings. Kids who grew up in a divorced household tend to crave stability and that feeling of home. Other kids who grew up in a household with both parents who worked tend to crave attention. Whatever the home may be like there are still problems due to life. There is no normal. 

So, I am asking you to forget about the term broken home. There’s nothing broken about having double the amount of holidays or adding more parents. State the facts, parents are divorced. That does not stop their love, it does not stop them from caring, but instead creates a bigger reason to support. I am not ashamed of growing up in a divorced household. It caused me to grow up strong and independent. Without that strength, I don’t know who I would be. 

Stop the whispers of divorce and instead support. Support the kids who are being raised in a divorced household and also the ones who aren’t. Kids are kids and need love and support regardless of their home life. It is not taboo to be divorced, but instead another life event that can build character and strengthen the household.