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November 15, 2019

I’ve always kept everything up to date here and lately I’ve had a lot going on, so here’s the recap. 

I have changed my academic plan once again. I am now a writing, rhetoric and technical communication major and will be applying in the spring to be an entrepreneurship minor. I decided to drop the media arts major because I figured out it was not the path I wanted. It focused more on advertisement and I don’t think I’m meant to go in that direction. 

I turned 20 years old. It was fun at first with the cake and all, but now I just feel old. I always imagined I would be doing more. I thought I’d be more productive and less involved with mental illness. It’s definitely going to take a minute to be okay with where I am in life right now. 

I’ve been applying for internships like crazy. They’re hard to find and even harder to find ones that pay well. It would help if I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but I seem to just be applying to anything that seems fun. Not a bad plan honestly. 

I released a new website. It was a school project (the writing) and I turned it into a website. The blogger inside of me couldn’t help it. It’s a place where all new bloggers can go to get the basic information. It’s a place I wish I had when I began this blog in March. It’s pretty cool and you should check it out even if you aren’t starting your own blog. She’s Moving Mountains to Blog

I’ve been writing for HerCampus this semester and they’ve published some of my articles. I like writing for them because I get to write about JMU. You can click here to read them if you’d like. My personal favorite is about the Starbucks workers. 

I updated my About Me page. Changed it up a bit to fit who I am right now. I’ve changed direction and switched up what I’m studying about fifty times in the past year. Figured it was a good time to update the page. 

That’s about it for me. Been busy, really on a candle phase so I’ve been buying those. I found these sweaters Aerie brand on sale at TJ Maxx this week- four for $40! Mini victory for sure. 

Enjoy your weekend and remember to drink water!

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