self care- doing more than we can handle

Often times we live as if every decision we make will end up on our resume. Some do, but the truth is that mindset sets us up for failure. We aren’t able to do everything we think we need to do or try to live life just so you look good on a piece of paper. That’s not what makes people happy. Sure you’ll be proud and all, but you’ll miss out on so much more than you know. You may even miss out on taking care of yourself or learning the fundamentals to self care in the workplace. 

Lately I have been struggling with balancing school, work, friends, family, and this blog. You may have noticed as a result I haven’t been very good at posting regularly. I felt guilty, but I tried not to. I have to work, I have to do well in classes, and I need to connect with friends and family. I still wrote (because I have to do that too,) but I haven’t posted. I needed to take care of myself and not force shitty writing onto my blog. 

I’m going to be honest, it sucked not being able to produce content I feel is good enough for this platform. I always do my best to give everything I have onto my short pieces, due to my want to just improve my writing. I hit an exhaustion writers block that paralyzed my brain. Nothing I wrote really made sense and I didn’t give it the time I needed to improve it. I decided to say no to myself though. 

Without self care we end up destroying ourselves, especially those of us who may struggle with their mental health regularly. Those who constantly want to make others happy tend to put themselves on the back burner which isn’t helpful. 

So this is my reminder to all of you to take care of yourselves. Prioritize and be sure to put yourself towards the front of that list even if it is hard. The best way to be there for others is if you feel okay yourself.