the poems connecting my generation

My generation is obsessed with technology and social media. It surrounds us in everything we do. Our phones can talk to us, our cars can drive for us, and as I saw on Instagram yesterday we now even have vending machines that make cupcakes for us. It sounds terrifying and amazing all at once. With this change many others have occurred. A new form poetry that is ridiculed by older generations. Short form poetry consists of very few words meant to have a powerful meaning. 

We are still reading Shakespearian sonnets and Edgar Allen Poe, but we are also evolving within our fast paced world. There are new issues, new ways to date, new ways to live and poetry has caught up with that. I don’t know why short form has become popular. It may be because we don’t have time to read long poems in our fast paced world, maybe we don’t connect with them anymore or perhaps we are just defying what older generations are saying. Whatever the reason may be it’s time to accept this trend.

I personally love short form poetry. There’s beauty in the simplistic style and yet the message is so complicated. A couple words can say so much. It leads to more interpretation from the reader and that can lead to so many people all connecting to one simple poem which may be the most powerful effect of these poems. 

Many new articles are starting to pop up regarding Gen Z becoming the loneliest generation. Perhaps it’s due to the mental health crisis we are experiencing. Maybe we are just more vocal about our feelings than previous generations. The cause is unknown, but what is known is that we need to fix it. 

I know it might be weird to say that it may be fixed with a little bit of poetry, but I do believe that to be true. For instance an anonymous poet known as Atticus has gone viral. No one knows who he really is, but yet he has two bestselling books and even his own merch line. His poems are everywhere on every social media platform. Being repinned on Pinterest, shared on Facebook, posted on Instagram, and being retweeted on Twitter. He has 1.3 million followers JUST on his Instagram account. He is connecting my generation with words they are relating too. 

Each one of his followers are connecting and relating to content. This powerful connection is bringing together dreamers, lovers, and loners all at once. A Canadian man who hides his identity behind a mask is providing poems that his readers will even get tattoos of. 

While poetry isn’t for everyone, I do encourage you to take a look at a couple of them. Maybe you think they are stupid, but the fact is that over a million people disagree. This type of poetry is taking over my generation and Atticus is just one of many providing amazing work. You never know what might speak to your soul.