ending the stigma- bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a common mental illness that doesn’t get much attention. People are often afraid to let others know they struggle from it because the stigma around it can ruin relationships and opportunities. People have made assumptions on the basis of knowing nothing real about the disorder. Just like other mental illnesses there is more than one type and it is different for each person. It is important to be educated on the subject matter in order to help eliminate the stigma. So let’s go over a couple misconceptions.

  • If you’re bipolar you’re crazy.

Just because someone may have bipolar disorder does not mean that they are insane. This also contributes to the stigma around hospitalization which is a good decision and not a weak one. There is nothing wrong with getting help and just because you have an illness does not mean you are not okay. These are all normal things and even if they are abnormal there is nothing wrong about it. 

  • Bipolar disorder is being super happy one day and very depressed the next.

There are different types of bipolar, there isn’t one singular version that is the same for every person. Some people have different symptoms or frequencies of episodes. There are a few different types that require different medications or therapy. All of them are okay and can be treated to help live a more normalized life. 

  • Nothing can fix being bipolar. 

It’s not untreatable and it can be treated with counseling and medication. This does not mean it will completely go away, but you can live a perfectly normal life with this disorder. It will not hold you back from living your best life and if it does that can be easily changed with the help of professionals. It’s the same as other illnesses.

  • Bipolar disorder is just mood swings, stop being overdramatic about it. 

This is false false false. Bipolar disorder is when you can have depressive and manic episodes that are abnormal and get in the way of life. Just because you wake up happy, but end the day sad does not mean you’re bipolar, it means you’re human.

This disorder can go untreated because people are ashamed or scared to open up and be honest with friends, family, and even their doctors and counselors. It is easily misdiagnosed and can take awhile to get a better understanding of what is going on in your brain because there is no magical test to tell you. Don’t take the tests online, they’re wrong. Being honest with a doctor is the best way and we need to eliminate the stigma so our people know they can get help without any judgement. Getting help is a good thing, it shouldn’t cause shame.