hey, smile

Some days it can be hard to smile. There’s too much work, you failed a test or you just didn’t get enough sleep so you’re cranky. Even the most positive people get into a funk some days, it’s just life. This is why you should surround yourself with positive like-minded people and pick friends that you can lean on. 

Every Monday and Wednesday I have four classes, the first one is my most stressful and starts my day at 9am three days a week. Because of the heavy workload on these days I also usually don’t sleep enough and struggle without my needed eight or nine hours (I know, I’m needy for sleep!) So you get the image, an unhappy Kate walking to one class after another, usually wearing leggings and the t-shirt I slept in the night before with messy hair thrown in a bun. Not such a good look. 

One of my best friends, and roommate, always passes by me. It’s usually the only time I see her that day between our busy schedules. At first I didn’t even notice I passed her because I had always kept my head down. When she first saw me she said hi and then told me to smile. So I mustered up a fake smile and gave her the cheesy grin she asked for. Then it became a ritual. Every Monday and Wednesday, on my hardest days, she passes by me and tells me to smile.

Now, some people just think it’s funny and not that helpful, but it is extremely helpful to me. It forces me to smile, which keeps me smiling until the next class. Without Skylar I wouldn’t have a more positive attitude as I continued my day and wouldn’t have smiled until I got home at 5pm.

No one should have to wait until 5pm to smile, find your friends and make sure you give them a reason to smile. Whether you send them a quote (this is all you Emma) or yell at them to smile at 10am (thank you Skylar.) Be there for the people around you, you may never know how far a simple gesture can go.