yes I am a writing major, no I’m not going to be poor

I am in love with writing and I always have been. I’ve tried other things out, but nothing else quite works with who I am. Other majors make me cringe and if it has anything to do with numbers or cells you can count me out. Naturally, I went on to major in writing, rhetoric and technical communication, so a writing major. Now, when someone says they’re in college to anyone the other person instantly becomes interested in where you go, what year you’re in, where you live, who you know, what your major is, what are you doing after you graduate, and a million other questions. I’ve always happily answered and have noticed quite a difference in the responses to my answers. 

Before writing I was studying Intelligence analysis, the government stuff that scares me out of my mind. People always were so thrilled with my answer with that major. I’d go so far, make great money and help out my country. All are amazing things that most young people should strive for. I enjoyed that response because that has always been my goal, to help others and make money so I can be financially stable. This response became different after I changed my major. 

Now, when people ask what I’m doing I answer happily. I then go on about my blog, the clubs I write for, my job, and the work I’ve had published. They never care. I don’t mind that because writing is an acquired hobby and liking so I get it. What I fail to understand is the fact that they follow my response with “how do you plan on making money?” or “do you know how to live off of 60,000 a year?” or my personal favorite “you should probably change that so you don’t have to live with your mom forever.” 

Here’s the thing, I am not worried about my future, sure some days I stress, but I almost always have faith. I work hard every day by writing at least once and making sure I improve. Sure writers aren’t known to make as much money, but that does not mean I will have no future. It does not mean I will be poor or live with my mother. 

Even if I work hard and end up making not that much money, I know I will be okay. Being poor is not such a horrible thing that society makes it be. Sure some things in life may be a bit more difficult, but your economic status does not define who you are as a human being. Whether I make $21,000 a year or $120,000 a year I will be okay. The problem we have is that we are taught to attend college to become rich in life when that is not the case. 

We are studying hard to do something we love. Do not assume judgments based on our majors, minors or college choice. What we do in life job-wise is not half as important as the people we grow to be. If I am kind and raise kind human beings then I will be rich. 

Next time you ask a student what their major is, applaud them for whatever their answer is. It does not matter what they study, but how they wish to make the world better. Money needs to come after our community. If we are kind to one another we will be richer than anyone making millions of dollars. Yes, I am a writing major, no I will not be poor because I will provide the world with love and laughter alongside my friends, family, and strangers.