spooky season

It’s spooky season! Gather all of your pumpkins, get the comfy sweaters out and lets get to drinking apple cider. I don’t know about you, but Autumn is the best season ever. Not only because my birthday is soon (November 10th y’all), but also because every other person loves it too. If you’re not convinced yet I came up with this list to guarantee to have you getting into some Fall fun!

  1. Cute outfits- Can someone please get all of my sweaters, leggings and boot socks from home because I am in need. For some reason, autumn is the ultimate fashion statement and everything is absolutely gorgeous. From turtlenecks to tights I am so excited to channel my inner fall fashionista. 
  2. Boots boots boots- From Uggs to Frye there are too many to pick. Doc Martens and Hunter’s add to the problem too, but what an amazing issue it is to not know what boots to pick! This just calls for shoe changes all day, sounds good to me. 
  3. Pumpkin spice- Personally I will not eat pumpkin spice anything, but I am in love with my pumpkin spice candle. Whenever I light it I’m instantly cozy and that is an amazing feeling. 
  4. Apple cider- Fresh apple cider is simply amazing. It’s even better when warmed up at home wrapped in a blanket. Whether it’s from Walmart or a local apple orchard, cider is a must have this fall. 
  5. Apple picking- If you’ve never made an apple pie with fresh picked apples then put that on your list this very instant. You will be infatuated with the crispness and get such delightful product at the end. If you really don’t want a fresh apple pie with crumb topping then at least go for the cute photo opportunities! 
  6. Pumpkin patch- This is where they hayrides and haunted houses are so might as well get on a hay bale and take a cute picture! Pick out the most perfect pumpkin and get to carving so he can light up the night for trick or treater’s this Halloween!
  7. Movies and snuggles- My poor boyfriend will probably be fed up with me after this fall because I am a sucker for snuggles, cookies and a movie night. With Hocus Pocus and Twitches it’s hard to not love a good Disney production. Don’t forget, 31 days of Christmas is around the corner too (yes that means Elf!)
  8. Dessert- Every year for my birthday I ask for an apple pie because pie is the ultimate dessert. If not apple then cherry, but always a crumb topping. Those little pumpkin and ghost cookies that come precut with images are super cute too. You know which ones I mean. 
  9. Scenery- It is all of the colors everywhere. Red, orange, brown, and yellow seem to explode outside and it’s delightful. The trees seem to paint everything around me a different color and it’s gorgeous. If you live in Virginia take a ride down Skyline, if you don’t then take some back roads and soak in the view. 
  10. Holiday’s- First of all my boyfriend turns 20 (scary!!) Then I turn 20 (even scarier!) Then it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!! Fall is jam packed with all of the holiday’s that make your tummy and heart so full! Friends and family will be everywhere, you get to eat Turkey, and dress up?? Sign me up!

SO if this list doesn’t have you convinced then I’m not sure what else to do! Send me your favorite fall activities and what you look forward too. Remember that between all the fun and chaos to take some time to relax and enjoy yourself. Happy fall y’all!