happy 25 years of Friends

This week is the anniversary of Friends- for 25 years people all over have gotten to experience the amazingness of the show. This show was popular when it aired weekly, but grew even more as new generations experienced the 90’s aesthetic. No one can knock any of Rachel Green’s outfits and teenage girls went wild for it. Almost every person has seen at least one show and well, I’ve seen all of the seasons about 4 times. If you haven’t watched it or religiously rely on it, I’ve come up with a couple reasons why it’s the best show of all time. 

  1. The fashion- There’s no doubt that 90’s fashion has made its way back into society. You can’t walk down the street without seeing Doc Martens, plaid, denim overalls and of course, scrunchies. They’ve influenced my own style, sometimes I try to channel my inner Rach, but don’t always pull it off the way she could! Rachel and Monica are looked at by thousands of young girls around the world for fashion inspiration. 
  2. The friendships- Six people all living so close so naturally they become family. Anyone with college roommates know how close you get when living so close to people. They fight, they have fun, and they watch out for one another. This tv show acknowledges that and shows how natural it is. Friendships aren’t always rainbows and unicorns, there are times of struggle too. This is a great thing to show all the young people that admire and follow the characters. 
  3. Their views and inclusivity- A time where marriage was illegal for people of the same sex, you were allowed to smoke indoors, and only had to be home when the streetlights turned on. A lot has changed, but Friends made sure to include all types of people. There were interracial relationships, same sex relationships, adoption, surrogates, having kids without being married, and so forth. While these are (mostly) accepted now they weren’t as much back then. Props to Friends for showing us the way.
  4. Joey- 90’s Joey makes me swoon. Leather jacket with a white tee and that charming New York accent. You can’t deny the fact that you have had a crush on him too! Not only is he nice to look at, but we have a love for food in common. Joey doesn’t share food and neither does Kate.  
  5. They make a bad day good again- I used to struggle with my “group” of friends. I never understood the reason why some were popular and what they would do to get there. I often questioned whether I’d ever have a group who would look out for me. It sounds silly, but this show helped me get through that. It reminded me that good days were ahead. 

If you’re not a fan of this show then you should probably get to watching it. You won’t regret it, I promise. This has been a lifesaver for me. Any night that I’m a little anxious or lonely this always seems to fix it. I don’t know if it’s magic or what, but probably just the absolute amazingness of the cast.