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September 18, 2019

Hello, my wonderful readers, I have been very busy planning the future of this blog! As you all know, I started this to improve my writing and it quickly escalated into something my life revolves around. The purpose of this blog has always been for me to improve in every aspect I hope to do in my career, but it has evolved into being a welcoming place for people who are struggling, all of those college kids who like to read nonsense, and anyone who needs a laugh every once in a while.

I create content that I think my readers and followers will like while also staying true to my beliefs and values. My stories have been shared and almost everything about me is public so that others know that they aren’t alone in this world. This became more about having a voice for others who aren’t ready to share their thoughts. The feedback has been amazing and I will forever appreciate everyone who reaches out.

As I am continuing to grow and explore the world of blogging I have learned a lot and continue to daily. Because of that, I’ve decided to take on a couple more projects. Not only do I think my readers will like the changes, but I want to expand what I know and continue to improve.

About a month ago I was assigned a 6,000-word essay for one of my writing classes. I became very excited when discussing the endless possibilities and have worked on it almost daily. That project will be a blog on blogging. Before you laugh, hear me out.

I spent about five to eight hours a day last spring and all summer to create my blog. I didn’t pay anyone to do it because hello college kid here. I managed to put my need to eat before my blog, shocker. None of my friends blogged and I was very confused but determined. I worked hard to build up a network and learned so much in such a short period.

When you ask someone why they haven’t started a website or blog the two most common answers are “I don’t have enough money” or simply “ I don’t know how to.” I get both of those things and I want to help. Creating an online space where you can create and publish your work is an amazing thing. It is one of the best things in my life. So my new blog will be the hub for all things beginner blogging. It will include everything I wish I knew, everything I have learned that has grown my blog and simple how-to’s so that each person can successfully build a solid platform.

The Blog on Blogging will launch sometime mid-October- early December, depending on how big I make it.

The next thing is my expansion to YouTube. I will not be the next YouTube viral sensation, but I want to expand my media knowledge and provide a different form of content. I will talk about all of the subjects I currently write about and expand to product reviews. My goal is to focus on natural, sustainable, and organic items. I also plan to support small businesses and review them as well as telling their story.

As I continue expanding my blog and providing content that you all are interested in I will be reducing my written blog posts to once or twice a week. This will allow me to better focus on school and provide quality content worth viewing.

If you have any feedback, comments or requests please feel free to let me know by messaging me on any platform or filling out the contact form.
I appreciate every single one of you for supporting me daily. Without you all, I wouldn’t be able to do the things I love most.

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