not my whole story

Every week I try to post about mental health and if I don’t get to it on my blog then I do either on Facebook or Instagram. Last week I was dealing with some not so fun stuff and felt guilty. I don’t tell my entire story here, only parts. Why should anyone listen to me when I hide parts of myself? I ended up confiding in a friend and he told me something that made me feel a lot better. Just because I am a mental health advocate and share parts of my story doesn’t mean I have to share every part of my story.

After he said that I took a minute to think. Starting this blog and opening up to the world was a huge step. I became open and public with my anxiety and depression. While I believe that some people need to tell their stories, I also understood that I am not letting anyone down by staying quiet about some things. My support is enough.

Maybe one day I will be completely open, but if that day never comes that’s alright too. You don’t have to share your story to make a difference. You don’t even have to experience it to make a change to end the stigma. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty for having it or for not sharing. However, you deal with it is up to you and completely okay.

So go out there, contribute to whatever cause you feel strongly about and know that you are doing enough.