welcome to my crib

Hello fabulous people and happy Friday. I thought I’d end the week with an introduction to my new apartment. Last year I was very lucky (kidding) to live on campus in a dorm that was built in 1969, had never been updated and had no A.C. So I began my search for my first apartment early on and now here I am living the A.C. life. Never take it for granted! If you’re in college you know money isn’t as available as you might want it to be. You have groceries, rent, textbooks, and Starbucks! It adds up very quickly. So I shopped at stores that were clearanced (like TJ Maxx and my personal favorite, Homegoods) or kept to clearance bins and dollar bins.

First I thought I would start with my bedroom which I am in love with. My bedding is from Homegoods, but the brand is DKNY. I can’t find it online so I chose another one I liked that would look perfect in any college apartment here.

I kept most of my decor from my dorm last year and they’re all from Hobby Lobby or TJ Maxx. One of my favorites is my “Climb Every Mountain” wooden sign above my window. I found it online here and there is always a 40% off coupon which would bring it down to less than five dollars! Underneath that are white Christmas lights that I got from the clearance bin at Target last year after Christmas was over. Always search for little deals like that after the holiday season. They were normally $20, but I got them for $4! 

My tapestry is from Amazon and is less than $20. There are also others I am completely in love with for less than $15!! The star lights around that are from the Target dollar bin. Always and I am really emphasizing the always part, check the dollar bin. 9/10 times I can find something for my room or something else useful. Target always knows what’s up. 

My bathroom isn’t as girly as my bedroom because I have to share with a boy. So for this, I went with a white, grey and blue theme. The canvases are from the Dollar Store and everything else is from Homegoods. I swear my grandmother and I are the reason they do so well. Everything they have is name brand, fairly inexpensive (although I am sure my grandmother doesn’t agree with me on that part), and super durable! I keep all-natural cleaning wipes underneath my sink to clean up twice a week. I hate using harsh chemicals near my toothbrush, shampoo, etc. I don’t want those chemicals close to me!

Next is my kitchen. I got the most adorable Kate Spade dish towels from, you guessed it, Homegoods. These are the exact ones I bought. I’m also in love with these two sets as well. My mugs, notebooks, and pencils are all Rae Dunn. I can’t help it; I am fully obsessed with everything Rae Dunn.

my desk!!

In my living room we put up something quite special, a tapestry of Playboi Carti. I’ll be honest, I don’t listen to him or know how to spell his name. Last year we ordered a tapestry from Red Bubble for our dorm and instead of the one we ordered we received this one. Now I lived with five other girls in that dorm and lets just say it didn’t exactly match our vibes. Well, we put it up anyway and ended up loving the story. It is definitely a permanent part of our college experience.

That is my virtual tour of my apartment. Send me pictures of your college living spaces- I can’t wait to see how creative you all got!