artists moving mountains- Blaise Danio

We are surrounded by buildings. We live in them, we work in them, they’re everywhere. For Blaise, this means they’re also in her art. She’s an “architecture nut” and got it from her parents. With that combined with nature, her artwork is mesmerizing

Peach Sky Sand Dunes

 “I have a specific image that I always go back to in my head that I use when I meditate, it’s white sand being illuminated in the moonlight, with a soft breeze gently shifting it around. I get such a deep and relaxing feeling when I think of it, I want to be able to translate that so others can feel it too,” she said.

It first starts with a piece of paper and an idea. She looks at different colors then draws it out digitally. Her designs tend to come in groups of 10 which then get narrowed down a bit. She relies on a close-knit group to help her navigate what colors, textures, and concepts look best. When someone asks for a specific idea it makes it even better. She likes the challenge and exploring ideas she may have not even considered. She has no barriers or rules and can freely express whatever she wants. It is truly a work of art. And with all of the traveling, she never lacks the inspiration for her art. 

Almost every day is different than the one before. With all of the traveling, she tends to sleep when she can but always starts her day with a cup of coffee. That sounds like a relatable morning to me.

With the encouragement of her parents, she knew she could do anything. Starting very young she had art classes then eventually went to study in Boston. Blaise even got to attend the New School in Paris too. How cool is that? Studying abroad helped her art evolve and hit the next level. Her travels and art are very intertwined because she feels that you have to “grasp the beauty in it” or else the experience in this world is nothing. 

an image from her new collection

Over a year ago she took a leap of faith to launch her brand. She sells her products in various shops and online. Her brand continues to grow as she and her art do. Recently Blaise came out with a brand new line, an architectural series called Desert Deco. The range of browns, reds, and oranges highlight the desert sun and soft, sandy hills. Check out her Instagram here to stay updated on her new fall collection. You can also look at her website here which is a piece of art in its own. 

Art, creativity, design, they are all extremely important to our function as human beings. People tend to think that artists are self-involved or that creating is a conceited act. Its not, we need those people in life who can transmit the human experience into something we can understand with more than just words.

Blaise Danio