supporting your friends this semester

No college kid is unaware of the stress they face. So many assignments, classes, and things to do with so little time. Last year I saw some of my closest people get a little upset when life seemed to push them around. So I came up with this list of things I can do to help them when they don’t feel their best. Be the support they need to be successful- you can make a world of a difference. Here are three quick and easy ways to remind your friends you’re there for them.

  1. Handwritten letter- nothing beats something from the heart! Write down a quick note or letter to let them know you’re there. Tell them you love them and you’re proud of everything they’ve been doing. If you want to go above and beyond do the “open when…” letters. Click here to get some inspiration from Pinterest!
  2. A few of their favorite things- dollar store stop! Their favorite candy waiting for them when they get home can go a long way. It lets them know you’re thinking of them and went out of your way to get them something. Super easy, simple and cheap. You can also get nail polish and a face mask so they can pamper themselves. If you want to be the coolest friend you can make a box of sunshine and put all things yellow in it to brighten their day!
  3. A day out- getting out of the house always helps clear the mind. Plan a small lunch or get together with friends. Something outdoors would be best because nature has a way of healing. A quick hike or swim is definitely the key to helping your friends relax during a stressful time! If you have the time, try planning a small weekend getaway to explore. Take a break from the constant chaos of life and explore a new town with your friends. 

It’s easy to get carried away in your daily life, but make sure you’re checking on your friends too. You never know who will need you!