high school seniors- you have no limit

Time to get excited! You are now the top dog of school. You pull up wearing your new outfit, driving your car that may or may not have needed an oil change by now (whoops!), and you are ready to dominate this whole senior year thing. I mean you’ve made it this far so naturally senior year is a piece of cake! Well take a seat because I have some news for you, your grades still matter.

Everyone always told me that junior year was the most important, but honestly, all four years are all equally contributing to your GPA and resume. Your grades are sent to every school you apply to, both first and second semester- so no slacking! Still, attend all those club meetings and sports practices. You aren’t quite finished yet. Also, enjoy it. I know running those drills are brutal, but one day you will miss it.

Along with continuing to keep your grades up and working hard with extracurriculars you get to start the application process! Yay! This is the part you’ve been working towards since Kindergarten and finally, you’re ready (hopefully). If you’re not, well you have a year to get ready. This will be the fastest year and while it is fun, it also can test to see your limits. Now let me remind you that you have no limits.

My senior year the first couple of weeks each person met with their guidance counselor. I walked in motivated and ready to talk all about my plans. She looked over my grades and extracurriculars then looked at me. She told me that JMU wouldn’t happen. I asked if there was anything I can do to make it happen. She simply shook her head and started recommending community colleges and other schools that might look at me. I left her office defeated.

Now I thought I had a chance. I had a 3.5, took college-level classes and had only gotten two C’s during high school (one being in guitar class- I haven’t touched one since!) I had been searching for majors, colleges, and career pathways since the 6th grade. In kindergarten, I got mad at my mom for making me late to school because I thought colleges would see that. I was 5 years old stressed about college; I had been doing things to get into a great school since I first started school. I wasn’t top of my class by any means, but I worked hard. Yet, the person who was supposed to be a college expert told me I wouldn’t get into my dream school.

Naturally, I cried. I cried and cried and then I got my shit together. I continued to work hard and then I found someone new to help me. I wasn’t taking no for an answer. He guided me and told me little things that will make me stand out, that would get the admission people looking at my application. It worked. I got in and I now never want to leave JMU.

You might run into similar situations or find yourself stuck with an obstacle. You can take a minute to cry, but then remember who you are and what you want. Make it happen. Send emails, letters, and network. Contact alumni to see if they can put a good word in for you. Go to school and introduce yourself or write them a letter saying why they need you attending that school.

Senior year is a time to have fun, but you are getting ready for the real fun. College is an amazing place to be. Study hard and remember that you can do it. You can do anything. The world is yours to conquer. I’m proud of you!