artists moving mountains- Nicki Metcalf

What first starts as black lines end at a piece of work exploding with bright colors. Nicki Metcalf is an artist, a photographer, and more importantly a mom to a giggly 14-month-old. Her days consist of the little guy, but when nap time comes around she lets the creative juices flow. There is never enough time in the day for any person, let alone enough nap time for this artist! 

“I know time is of the essence so as soon as I put him down I grab my water, coffee, and go at it,” she says. 

Nicki has always been involved with art and would even be paid to draw portraits of her friends and family in high school. Once she reached college she had this professor and something in her clicked. He was able to pull the love of abstract to her attention and make things a little less real and funkier. 

“ It’s funny going from drawing portraits of real people to having this deep love for crazy colors and wild lines,” she exclaimed.

While she knew she loved her art she didn’t know if she should try to sell. After many compliments on a piece in her living room, she decided to just go for it. Risks always end up as a great learning experience and Nicki did learn something. She learned that people like her stuff and are willing to pay for it! While they are interested she doesn’t want it to become a full-time job, she prefers it more as a hobby due to the happiness it brings to her. The freedom of painting what she wants when she wants is one of the main attractions of being an artist. 

taken from @lil_shawty_paints on Instagram

It’s not a surprise that so many people are attracted to her art because the colors capture your eye and I know I can’t seem to peel my eyes away. This could be due to her never forcing herself to paint through the artist block or the inspiration she gets from Heaven. 

“I tend to use a lot of bright colors because I believe that Heaven will have colors that our minds cannot even comprehend!” she says. 

She connects with God while painting and this also instills the attitude of not caring for others opinions. The art she creates is personal and has a “spiritual pull”. She does it for herself and wouldn’t change that. That’s a lesson everyone can learn from her- do it for yourself. Let yourself be creative and fill your soul with happiness. 

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