the day maker makes my day

I’ve gone on here and preached about how much I love planners. They are the sole reason I can function during the school year. I have tried phone app schedules, calendars, and reminders. None of those worked for me. I have used agendas and planners (often from Home Goods) and those have been wonderful. I wanted something more modern and useful. So I looked for alternatives. 

I know that my budget doesn’t give me much room (I’m on the ramen and water diet.) I was willing to splurge a little and use around 30 dollars (big spender here) so I got to looking. I found something below my price range at only 20 dollars and its reusable which means I will end up saving money in the long run. It is bought online, downloaded and printed at home as many times you need. This magical thing is from the Day Maker Co.

It gives you templates to set goals for the year on things such as marriage (so not for me yet), finances, personal, and spiritual goals (plus so much more). It also has templates for monthly to-do lists and daily lists. My personal favorite is the ideal morning and evening templates that help you plan down to the hour. It works wonders, my friends. 

Run out of space or mess up? No worries just print out another copy. How amazing is that? I have multiple printed out. I keep one in my purse, one in my backpack and some hung up on my wall over my desk. A bit extra, I know, but it helps me keep track of it all. Or you more tech-savvy folk will be able to edit it on your iPad’s. Super helpful!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, then maybe the two colors, beige and forest green, will. They are so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The simplistic beauty of it helps keep my thoughts collected and calm me a bit. No more messy colors and too much crammed onto one page. This is revolutionary my fellow planners. 

Take a look here and see what you think. I hope you find it as useful as I have!