Hello my lovely readers! Every evening I will go over how my 21 day morning challenge is going. This is being held by multiple bloggers who are all trying to better themselves. You can find all of that right here. If you want freebies to help keep you motivated with a new daily challenge and printables to help you record your thoughts click here. Feel free to comment how yours is going too.

day 1- Well the waking up today was HARD. I may have altered my schedule a bit and decided to add in 20 crunches in the morning as well as filling up my Hydro flask so I make sure I am staying hydrated every day!

day 2- So I realized there wasn’t a point in me waking up so early until school starts. This routine helped me realize I don’t need two hours to get ready and that I need to focus more on self care. I trashed the times and whenever I wake up or set an alarm is when I will start my morning.

day 3- I’ve been doing well with the Hydro flask and have combined doing breakfast with my mental health care. Writing or journaling while eating wakes up my head and gets me excited for the day!

day 4- Since I’ve added drinking water to the routine I have been feeling more refreshed throughout the day. I got up today, ate breakfast, wrote, and did some self care. It’s been going well- I am about to do my sit ups and get dressed and ready for the day.