artists moving mountains- Hannah Ewoldt Stutzman

While searching Instagram for artists I stumbled upon some unique illustrations. At first the simple flow of her feed caught my attention- Hannah Ewoldt-Stutzman has a way with colors that simply draws my attention. She says she starts with the color palettes first whether she’s doing branding for a company or starting a new illustration. 

She began to love art around the age of six and this continued to show through high school when she took every art class available. Her entrepreneurial side began to shine when she started her  “side hustle painting murals towards the end of high school.” It wasn’t until college when she started to use technology more and began her illustrations. After that she went straight to her business and sold her art. 

Hannah is able to work from home and tends to start her day at Starbucks a couple days of the week. I think we all can relate to that. It helps her feel productive and motivates her to finish some things. While she usually has scheduled time for the business side of things she often just waits for the inspiration to hit before she can create. If that doesn’t happen then she takes a second to just breathe. 

“Creativity and cool things are all around us and we often just need a second to breathe to see them,” she says. 

Whether you create art, or anything else I think we can all take a page out of Hannah’s book and breathe when things seem tough. What she often can get overwhelmed by is the stereotype that artists just have one style or just one “thing” they do. That’s not the case. 

You can be whatever you want. You can have a degree in whatever you want and have a completely different job. You can create whatever you want. Don’t make yourself fit into other people’s perceptions; be who you are. 

Instagram- @sageandbasilds 

Illustration Instagram- @sageandbasil_illustration