artists moving mountains- Jennifer Fletcher

Jennifer Fletcher is an exceptional clothing designer and creator. A savvy fashionista from Denmark making the world a tad bit more stylish every day. I found her Instagram account and fell in love with the aesthetics and creative outlook she created for her pieces. 

She first starts by using photos as a form of inspiration. “Recently I have used my own photos from the U.S. of beautiful scenery,” she said. The best things to look for are usually lines, shapes, colors and different textures she can find. She takes the photo and then translates it into a piece of clothing to keep the same key looks like the scene. After she draws out her ideas she then goes on to imagine what the fabric should be: the color, texture, and pattern. Then, the part that takes the most precision is coming up with a new pattern for her piece. 

“I have to make a stout model see if it fits properly, before making the garment in actual fabric,” Jennifer said. 

The preparation is definitely a time-consuming process but is worth it. She always ends up with a unique one-of-a-kind piece. That has always been her favorite part; having clothes that are still trendy, but different from the people around her. 

She first began her sewing when she was about 12 years old and dreamt of being a fashion designer. After one failed attempt to sew she didn’t touch the machine for another 10 years! Somehow she became motivated to try again and fell in love with it. 

“The last few items I’ve made I was truly excited when I tried them on. I really loved the fit and the way it looked, and I felt proud of myself,” she exclaimed. 

She believes that sewing isn’t the actual act, but the process of designing and effort in producing it. 

With a degree in marketing, she began to think about showing off her products and creating her own brand for others to wear as well. She combined her Instagram account with her sewing to show her followers and buyers exactly how the process is done for each garment. She is able to show her style and show who she is by combining both her love for social media and designing. 

I recommend taking a look at her account to see what she’s up to. Watch her process and watch her ideas come to life. It is inspiring to see her ideas on paper become a real thing anyone can wear. She emphasizes that she puts time and effort into it. You will end up with an ethical piece of clothing rather than not knowing the details of mass-produced pieces. 

Jennifer Fletcher is one of a kind, like her clothing. Her story and determination should inspire anyone that sews, that is looking to sew, or wants to try something different. Stick with it like she did and you’ll end up with breathtaking results. 

Instagram: byjenniferfletcher

Facebook: byjenniferfletcher