19 things I’ve done at 19 years old

Who is letting me grow up?!? Being 19 makes me feel so old, but also so young. I am between weird ages. I can’t decide if I sit at the kid’s table or the adult table. I can vote, take out a loan, accumulate debt from my only year at college so far, but I can’t buy a drink or a hotel room for a night! I can buy tobacco products in all my surrounding states, but not my own. It’s a weird age and I am filled with weird feelings about turning 20 this fall. So to avoid those feelings I created this list of things I did while being 19. Things you should or could do, too!

  • Stopped communicating with people from high school- I did not have a good group of high school friends. I never really “found my place.” I had friends, but never a person I could truly rely on. Once I realized that it wasn’t necessary to keep up with people who didn’t care, I stopped. It’s been a relief and I have more time and energy to focus on relationships that are important to me.
  • Traveled- I studied abroad in Greece and discovered a lot about myself. I’m not saying go to a different continent, but travel by yourself to the town over. Explore by yourself- It’s amazing to be alone in a new place and do your own thing. Every person should do it at least once.
  • Figured out what I wanted in a relationship- This goes for romantic and friendship relationships. I set my standards and thought out what exactly I need from those people. I wanted the same effort back that I was giving. It has done wonders for my life.
  • Created a LinkedIn account- This is so adult-ish, but I realized that networking is a crucial tool for the working world. I began to work my butt off trying to meet new people and connecting online to build a solid network. It has been very rewarding.
  • Built an official-looking resume- I know this is another adult-ish thing, but very necessary. I always have a go-to resume and it is a relief. I spent a couple of days working on it with online tools and used a template on Google Docs. It looks pretty solid and now I apply to jobs randomly. I applied to work for Oprah last week. I will let you know how that goes.
  • Started a new hobby- Ta-Da! This blog = new hobby. I am forever thankful for that thought that popped into my head to start all this. I love it like crazy and this gives me a ton of motivation to keep moving forward.
  • Worked on my mental health- Starting college was amazing. The stress was not. I went through a difficult time, but I bounced back like I always do. I found a mental health routine that works (like all this writing!) and it has helped a lot. I wasn’t home and had to do it on my own. Now I know when I go back to school what I have to do to keep my mind healthy and positive.
  • I realized I don’t have time to waste- So the sad reality is that I cannot pause time. I will only live this day once and then it is gone. I also can’t guarantee tomorrow. I do not have time to waste. I have shit to do, people to meet and places to go. You do too!
Dress for yourself- before this year I would have never worn this skirt, but I learned it doesn’t matter!! Plus it was $4 at the thrift store!!
  • Bought clothes for myself that made me feel good- I used to buy clothes based on what was “in.” Well let me tell ya, I wear what I want now and I feel cool as hell. I am confident and comfortable in my clothes and body. Wear whatever you want people!! DO it for you!
  • Bought a planner that became my best friend- Go right now to Target, Walmart, Amazon, wherever and buy a planner. PLAN PLAN PLAN! You have limited time and so much to do. Also, don’t stress if things don’t go according to plan (it’s okay I promise!), but attempt to make the most of your time. You don’t want to forget anything you need to do!
  • Tried a sport I had never done before- I always thought you tried all the sports in elementary school and then continued the one you were good at. I was wrong. I discovered rowing in college and I can now row a boat. A whole boat I can direct, dock, etc. It is very cool.
  • Started to keep all of my information- I took all of the things from my parents and kept my records. No longer is my stuff separated from me in two different places (that divorced parent life), but in my safe arms for any needs, I may have. If you are in charge of financial aid this is especially helpful.
  • Did something that scared me- I started publishing my writing to the public (you guys.) That is scary stuff right there. People are reading my thoughts and judging. It has been super rewarding, but it still terrifies me every time I hit that publish button. It has helped me grow as a person and escape the comfort zone. Everyone should leave their comfort zone once in a while.
  • Spent some time alone- I used to rely on people around me for happiness. It was not healthy for me. I wanted to be accepted and for people to like me. I realized I need to spend time alone, figure out who I am and like myself. I feel very proud and happy for myself now. It helped with how I viewed myself and made me feel confident.
  • Realized my worth- I stopped settling. I stopped taking what I can get. I know what I deserve and I know I can get it. Negative people who bring me down no longer have a place in my life. Anyone who is not growing with me as a person is no longer included in my time. I encourage and motivate those who want to grow themselves and stopped wasting time on people who were fine with what they had.
  • I met people with the same interests- I built a network of blogger friends that I have never met in person before and it is amazing. We talk, support and encourage each other and I don’t have to force other friends to help me by reading my blog! I have different friends for different things and now I get why. Not everyone can do everything and it is good to have some people for certain things. I am only helpful for others and won’t ever be able to help them with EVERY need and that is okay!!
  • Found my go-to Starbucks drink-I hate coffee and I know I am probably late to the show, but I finally found my go-to order. Venti mango dragon-fruit with lemonade and no ice. It is a lifesaver. For real.
  • Realized the power of empowering each other- I didn’t get how helpful it was to be with a network completely focused on building one another up. Empowered people empower people and I stick by that.
  • Messed up-I used to be terrified of failure. Hated not being good enough. At 19 I figured out that I am supposed to mess up. I am okay with failing. It motivates me and I use it to get me farther. I am not scared of it anymore. I thrive off of it and I have never been in a better place.

This is a pretty long and diverse list of things to do. Let me hear your stories about it all. What have you learned?