reminder to make a change

This is your reminder to do something a bit risky this week. Put yourself out there, out of your comfort zone and see what happens. It doesn’t matter what you do, but rather that you remind yourself to not get too comfortable.

One day I decided to go to JMU which was a huge change. I had never done anything like that before. Then I decided I didn’t want to continue with my intelligence analysis major and super secure government job future. I didn’t enjoy that; I enjoy writing and being creative. So somehow I made this blog, changed my majors and started writing every day. Before all of that I was set on being comfortable and safe. One decision made me realize that I don’t want to settle with being comfortable.

When you live your life comfortably nothing improves. You stay in the same relationships, go to the same job and live in the same place. It’s consistent which is nice, but you’re stuck. Chances are there’s a better job you can be applying to. Or there’s a better relationship you can be in; cut off a friend who isn’t the best or break up with the person that’s just okay. Expect more for yourself. It is so easy to stay where we are. That feeling of safety means nothing bad can happen. Even worse, it means nothing better can happen.

Change is what causes us to grow and we become more developed. We learn more and can do better for ourselves. That’s what everyone should be doing; work on bettering ourselves. There will always be people better than us, smarter, prettier, richer, but you can work to be happier. Focus on your personal growth and make some changes. It will cause a ripple effect to improve your life. A little at first, but one day you’ll look back and think “thank God I made that decision.”

If it scares you to make a change that big then get your support team ready because you have to do it either way. Start praying to God, start texting your mama and get your significant other over to hug you. Greatness doesn’t come from maintaining your life. It comes from changing your life.