long distance- bff style

We met during middle school then somehow she became my other half. I don’t know how 13-year-olds can get so close and trust each other so much, but we did.

Sophia and I killing it on the jet skis in Florida!

We were excited to take on this whole high school adventure together. Being neighbors didn’t help the fact that we were attached at the hip. Luckily she lived down the street from me so sleepovers always happened. I don’t think our parents knew what to do with us. Unfortunately she left me for the sunshine state and I was not ready for that. All I knew was that Sophia, my best friend, was going far and I was scared to be alone at school. How does someone walk through those halls alone? I’m not saying that high school was horrible, but I don’t usually see anyone doing it alone. We both weren’t prepared for this. We did it though; far apart, but together in heart.

first time visiting my Soph! Follow my bestie on Insta @sophiasarria

I tried to navigate things by myself. I wasn’t prepared and I don’t think she was either. We made it through and tried our best to stay in touch. It was hard. I mean 15-year-old girls have enough trying to stay up to date with the people that go to their school. Somehow we made it happen and I thank God every day for it! I’ve gone to visit her a couple of times and she came to see me too.

Now the thing about “long-distance” is that the distance sucks. Whether your significant other, family, or friend is far away from you the pain is all the same. One of the best ways to stay in touch that I did every so often was to write letters. We texted and called, but writing letters was so fun! I’d always be on the lookout for new stationary or little gifts to stick in the envelope. We would talk regularly, but those letters always seemed to show up on hard days. They instantly made me feel better. I had a little corner where I would hang up pictures of what made me happy and those letters always made it up!

Another thing we did was face timing. It helped so much with being able to see each other and the excitement when we were able to talk. Texts were good for little things that we had to say, but talking on the phone was more real. An actual conversation helped make our friendship grow even stronger.

It’ll be super hard to stay close, but it’s possible. It’s also possible to grow apart and then get close again. It will all work out and you might meet some awesome new people because of it. I’ve gained a bunch of new friends because my best friend met amazing people in Florida. I get to be friends with those amazing people too and visit them when I visit her.

Whatever happens to make sure you have their number to text, their address to send letters to, and social media to see what happens in their life. Whatever is meant to happen will happen.