let’s get social- VSCO

VSCO took over the teenagers phone like a hurricane. A hip and more modern way to edit your photos for Instagram. At least that’s how it started out being used.

Behind every filter and trendy quote is the app created by the Visual Supply Company, hence VSCO. They have presets and other editing tools for every picture possible. Most people have a free version (like me). Some serious photographers or influencers buy the premium pack. That unlocks a ton of editing tools for about $20 a year. It’s pretty cheap for what you’re getting, but unnecessary if you aren’t super into editing photos.

Now some people only use it to edit. Others use it to find inspiration. Some use it for both or even other reasons.

@sunshine-n-honey on VSCO
@vscoquotee on VSCO

I use it to edit and to get some “inspo” for writing, art, fashion, and photography. Here are some pretty amazing accounts to follow to get your feed popping.


All your quote needs are met with this wordy account. All those sad nights get put into words and heartbreaks get matched. It can be helpful to have all those thoughts get put into words. Plus they repost the cutest pics!!


They post exactly what is in their bio- all things POSITIVE! Their feed is amazing and the colors match perfectly. It’s almost too pretty to handle. You also have a chance for them to repost your picture or republish to get you more followers and likes! They have everything you need to get the happy vibes going.


@adaelyn on VSCO

Keeping you sunny and happy all year long. Between the ocean vibes and nice tan lines, you’ll be craving concert season and s’ mores daily. I never said that was a bad thing though! They also give you a chance to be reposted!


My favorite Instagram influencer makes her mark on VSCO! On Instagram, she’s known as @awkaddi and sells the CUTEST overlay packs. It’s no surprise that she uses VSCO to edit and make her pictures pop.


So I have to put myself in here because I want to send some positivity to your feed! I try to take super cute pictures that only turn out average looking. I promise you’ll appreciate the attempt. I republish cute things and quotes to live by for sure though. Take a look and move mountains with me on VSCO!

You have an awesome feed setup now- go get to editing. Have fun with it and make your account all about you. It’s fun and a cheap way to get your best photos ready for the ‘Gram!