decorating your room on a ramen budget

You read that right. Ramen level amount of money, but Gucci level of style. A mix of DIY’s, clearance digging, coupons, and Dollar Store trips to guarantee an ~aesthetically~ pleasing room. Now I’m focusing on my bedroom with this, BUT the tips apply to almost any room.

So let’s start off with that bed. I stand by a white comforter. I keep shoes, beverages, and food off the bed and it has lasted 6+ years. Still pearly white. I found this cheaper one on Amazon for $30: . If you aren’t a fan of white then just put a duvet over it! I found this ADORABLE peach one for only $23-!

So now you got the cute and money-saving bed all set. Time for some light! Both of my rooms lack ceiling fixtures so I have lamps and of course a Himalayan salt lamp. Here is a basic one for under $12 from Sears that is basic and will match almost everything:!8592!3!318282692329!!!g!573142018935!&sid=IDx01192011x000001x1653296286&utm_campaign=9007576&utm_group=63820857979-318282692329&utm_term=pla-573142018935&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9pDpBRCkARIsAOzRziuiSQgFmu5LErc-Yw0umUTxbcEIhPn5J7Ii34tfcLZl8i_OdwlJDFsaAoBcEALw_wcB . There are also some cute string lights or fairy lights to add some pizazz (you can find those at 5 Below for cheap or Target clearance.) Go all Tumblr on your room.

So now you can sleep and see everything so it’s time to decorate those walls. Tapestries can be found for $12 on Amazon. If you have a more unique vibe check out Redbubble. They have amazing products and help support artists. If you want to put up pictures go buy frames from the Dollar Store. Cheap and gets the job done. I recently bought a good size chalkboard from the Target dollar bin. If something seems too expensive then it probably is.

Here are the random tips I have for not spending your entire paycheck on decent decor. The internet is your best friend for comparing prices fast. Never buy anything from Michaels or Hobby Lobby without your online coupon. Check the weekly ad’s too. The other week all of Hobby Lobby had the wall decor HALF OFF! Candles, fake flowers, and vases can be found at the Dollar Store too. If the vases are too basic take some spray paint to them or cover in glue and pour glitter. Don’t pay full price unless it is worth it. If you absolutely love a quote on a $50 canvas take a minute and think if you need it. Look on Pinterest for an artsy print of the same quote, print it out on cardstock paper and then frame it. Bam- you got your motivational quote for less than $5.

Go spruce up your room and make sure to ALWAYS check your local thrift stores first!!