Greece did not match my energy


When I first arrived in Greece I was bouncing off the walls with excitement. I soon learned that my energy would not be matched by the Greek way. America has a very fast-paced lifestyle. Living a half hour from the nation’s capital, I get to experience that on the highways, the restaurant and overall the pace my neighbors go to. Everyone has somewhere to be at all times. I am the exact same way; I don’t waste time on anything. Greece was very different.
When I sat down for my first dinner out I was confused about why everything was taking so long. We had to call our waiter over in order to get our meals ordered, get drinks and the check. It was a process that lasted about two hours. The tables around us stayed just as long or even longer just sitting there and talking.
It was definitely a well-needed change of pace. I’m known for not being able to sit still or stay home without losing my mind. Being almost forced to just sit there and enjoy the people and scenery around me was relieving. I had almost forgotten that I didn’t need to always be on the move. Greece gave that back to me. The ability to sit, relax and enjoy.

This was a lesson I learned early on in the trip and will be forever grateful for it. It allowed me to thoroughly enjoy every day I had in Greece. Every gyro I ate and every beach I visited I made sure to take a step back and slow down to enjoy where I was. I don’t know if I will ever go back and see the things I saw last month. I adapted to the Greek way and was able to honestly see how they live their lives differently. I may never visit again, but I remember it all and I left knowing that I slowed down my life for a month to enjoy everything I experienced.

Take what I learned from Greece and slow down in life a little. You only have this one life and you don’t know when it’ll end. I don’t want to sound all dark and morbid because that’s not fun to read, but honestly take a step back. We are all living on limited time. Enjoy where you are right now you may never be there again. Talk to the people around you and pay attention to what you eat. Don’t rush through life; there is too much here to ignore.

Chicken souvlaki with rice and fried potatoes . Delish .