go somewhere pretty to learn

The city of dust…

I love visiting museums, yet every time I write about it I need spell check to fix the spelling. With all of the e’s and u’s I can’t quite seem to figure it out, but I think I can still write a decent piece on them.

I am fortunate enough to be able to travel to Washington D.C. and make day trips to see all of the free museums. The Smithsonian’s are beautiful, not only with what is inside the buildings, but also the architecture. The stone is gorgeous and while I don’t know anything about architect stuff I can tell ya they are all beautiful buildings. My personal favorite trip to D.C. was to the Renwick Gallery when I got to experience the Burning Man Exhibit.

It didn’t quite line up…

The Burning Man is a festival in Nevada where a festival takes place in a makeshift city. It is quite the place to be. They focus on self-reliance and self-expression when they burn a giant wooden man and show their values. While tickets are normally $415ish (for the festival) you can find some cheaper ones for $190!

Greece, Baby!!

Now when I went to see the gallery display I already had some sort of idea of what Burning Man was and it made the entire experience 10 times better. I went with people that had no clue but ended up falling in love with the concept. The art is very unique and I even put my own twist on it since it was very interactive. I wrote that going to Greece is on my bucket list- now I’m there so there has to be some sort of magic going on.

The gallery was free to get into and showcased a very diverse set of art from the festival. I highly recommend any of the D.C. museums- if it’s not free don’t break the budget when there are many free options!